For $250, You Can Literally Drink the Tesla Kool-Aid With This Tequila

Want to show the depths of your Tesla fandom? Try their crazy expensive tequila.

tesla tequila

Last week, we noted how Tesla was double-charging customers. The carmaker is now, at long last, providing those customers refunds, but also giving them an additional $200 in Tesla store credit for their troubles. On a whim, we took a click over to the Tesla store to discover what Tesla merch one could buy for $200, where we found one thing you can't: Tesla Tequila.

Yes, Tesla — a car manufacturer — sells tequila. They describe it as "an exclusive, premium 100% de añejo tequila aged in French oak barrels," and say it features a "dry fruit and light vanilla nose with a balanced cinnamon pepper finish."

Now here's the rub: Tesla Tequila retails for a jaw-dropping $250. That doesn't quite put it among the world's most expensive bottles of tequila, but it's still relatively extortionate. Only one of our best tequilas of 2021 exceeded $90, and most retail for less than $50.

If you're wondering how Elon Musk found time to operate a solar-powered backyard distillery while operating the world's most valuable car company, trying to bring humanity to Mars, devising far less efficient ways to build a train and being a general nuisance on Twitter, well, don't. Tesla Tequila is a partnership with California company Nosotoros Tequila.

Of course, Nosotoros sells its Resposado tequila for $45. The extra time spent in the barrel — a 15-month aging process — plus the hand-crafted glass bottle and the Tesla imprimatur apparently results in a $205 markup.

Tesla Tequila deliveries were set to begin in April, in states where it's legal. As one would anticipate with the brand's fanatical following, the $250 bottles are already sold out. However, Nosotoros will sell you a six-pack of Blanco and Resposado bottles for $225, or a "Ménage à trois" package with one of each and a bottle of Mezcal for $140. Plus, Nosotoros will plant a tree to offset the climate impact of your shipment.

We asked Gear Patrol Home desk editor and all-around liquor expert Will Price for his two cents on the Tesla Tequila. "This would make a great, ironic gift for your buddy who downloaded Robinhood earlier in the pandemic and followed the BUY $TSLA crowd with some success," he said. "Otherwise, I'd spend that money on Fuenteseca instead."


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