Mazda Announced Some Massive Lineup Changes Coming Very Soon

The new Mazda 6 could be even cooler. But what happens to the MX-5 Miata?

mazda cx 30

Mazda has found a strong formula for building cars. They make them feel stylish and premium with their Kodo design language. They make them fun to drive with torquey engines and six-speed automatic transmissions instead of CVTs. This formula works so well that Mazda basically has been building more or less the same car — CX-30, CX-5, CX-9 — sized for every segment.

What Mazda has not focused on as part of that formula is fuel efficiency. But that's about the change. Mazda just outlined its building strategy for the next decade: Sustainable Zoom Zoom 2030 (Yes — that is the name they went with). A big shift is coming. And it will arrive in waves.

The first wave will be on Mazda's SKYACTIV Multi-Solution Scalable Architecture, which we hope will be shortened to SMSSA. The brand will launch 13 new electrified vehicles on that platform from 2022-25. Five will be hybrids, five will be plug-in hybrids and three will be electric vehicles.

Mazda plans to have a dedicated EV architecture in place by 2025 called SKYACTIV Scalable EV architecture with vehicles running on it to be determined. The brand says 100% of its vehicles will have "some level of electrification" by 2030, with 25% of those vehicles being full-electric. The plans are a bit more ambitious than Mazda shareholder Toyota's in the meantime strategy. But with a smaller fleet positioned further upmarket, Mazda can afford to be.

Going hybrid does not mean the "Zoom Zoom" is going away. One of those new electrified vehicles may be a hybrid-enhanced performance version of the new, rear-wheel-drive Mazda 6 sedan. Though, on the flip side, those plans don't seem to leave room for a manual transmission MX-5 Miata.


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