Ford's Bronco Pickup Has Been Canned, Report Claims

You'll just have to choose from one of Ford's four other pickup trucks.

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The Ford Bronco may finally have hit the streets, but the hype train surrounding it shows no sign of slowing anytime soon. After all, Bronco isn't just an SUV, it's a cultural force and a brand in and of itself these days — one that, like F-Series and Mustang, can extend out to multiple models within the Ford lineup.

Still, even the Bronco brand may have its limits. Case in point: this week, Automotive News is reporting that Ford's plans for a Bronco-based pickup truck appear to have been put back on the shelf.

While Ford never went formally on record with their plans to build a pickup truck version of the new Bronco, the plans were something of an open secret in the automotive realm. The new truck was expected to go on sale in 2024 — at least, that was the plan until a couple months ago, when Automotive News reports that Ford began telling suppliers that the plan had been kiboshed.

Why kill off the Bronco pickup before it's even revealed? Well, it's perhaps easier to ask why Ford was even bothering to build it in the first place. After all, such a pickup truck would seemingly compete closely enough with both the regular Bronco and the Ford Ranger (which is due for an all-new version between now and 2024) to suck potential buyers away from both. With the new Ford Maverick offering a less conventionally truck-y pickup, the need for another truck that identifies as an SUV-with-a-bed seems slim, as well. And Ford's recent production issues getting the regular Bronco to market may have given it cold feet when it comes to overcomplicating things, too.

But from a 30,000-foot view, perhaps the biggest reason we won't see a Bronco pickup come 2024 is that, by then, the last thing Ford needs to be building are new gas-guzzling trucks. After all, with demand for the new F-150 Lightning already surpassing expectations and an electric Bronco all but confirmed, it seems clear that EVs are the future of FoMoCo's SUV/truck lineup; adding yet another internal-combustion Bronco variant might be looking in the wrong direction.

That said, it's not like we're going to be mad when Ford rolls out the Bronco Raptor in the meantime.


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