This Space Pod-Looking Camping Trailer? It's Now Made for Overlanding

Polydrops has dropped another awesome, reasonably-priced camping trailer we desperately want.

polydrops trailer
Jieun Cha

California-based Polydrops produces some of our favorite teardrop camping trailers — trailers which look more like NASA-spec space capsules than Airstreams or any other conventional towable. The company just unveiled its latest model, a more robust and overlanding-ready version of those trailers called the P17X Explorer.

Polydrops's motto is "live anywhere." And with the P17X Explorer, you can certainly do that. The P17X Explorer features a four-season, weatherproofed cabin for two with up to 8.7-inch thick R14 insulation. The trailer runs off the sun's rays using 260-watt solar panels and a 12-kWh battery setup; the batteries power an electric climate control system with a 5,000-BTU air conditioner, heater and ventilation function.

polydrops trailer overlanding
polydrops trailer interior
Jieun Cha

The P17X Explorer features an impressive fold-out, all-electric kitchen with a double-induction cooktop and a 45-liter fridge/freezer combo. There's a 12-volt motor pump faucet with a six-gallon freshwater tank and 110-volt outlets for powering other kitchen appliances. The P17X Explorer also comes with a roof rack, an awning and a four-gallon road shower.

Did you just take delivery of your new Rivian R1T electric pickup? The P17X Explorer is ready to follow it on the trail with 29-inch all-terrain tires, a Timbren independent suspension and 15 inches of ground clearance.

The P17X Explorer is a bit more expensive than Polydrops's standard trailers, starting at $34,990. You can pre-order one now on the Polydrops website with a $1,000, fully refundable deposit. The company expects to begin P17X Explorer deliveries in summer 2022.


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