Tesla’s Model X Might Be in for a Serious Power Boost

Tesla's larger SUV appears to be getting beefed up to take on the likes of Rivian.

tesla model x

The Model S sedan is Tesla's flagship on the innovation front. And the Model 3 and Model Y are the brand's most important vehicles for consumers. But you can't spell S-3-X-Y without the Model X and its goofy falcon-wing doors.

We don't often discuss Tesla's largest SUV, which has been lingering on in the background. But according to Tesla EPA documentation found by the Twitter account @temparament (first spotted by Carbuzz), the Model X is receiving a significant performance upgrade with its 2021 refresh.

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The documents show improvements for the Model X Long Range, which presumably — Tesla offerings and pricing can change daily — will serve as the base model to the Model X Plaid. If the documents are correct, the Model X Long Range receives a lot more power with bumps of more than 30% to the front and rear motors, which would be about 326 horsepower (up from 241 hp) 333 hp (up from 253 hp) respectively.

At the same time that the Model X would be adding power, the documentation also shows the SUV shedding a significant amount of weight. If those documents are accurate, the Model X curb weight drops about four percent, from 5,437 lbs to 5,219 lbs. Much of the weight loss comes from the battery pack, which sees a 14% weight reduction from 1,388 lbs to around 1,184 lbs.

Enhancing the Model X now makes a lot of sense for Tesla. It has been pretty much the only spacious electric family SUV on the market so far. But with the likes of the Rivian R1S and Hummer EV SUV hitting the market soon, the six-figure Model X is about to face some intense competition.


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