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Malone HandiRack Inflatable Roof Rack

Lighten your load


So your Ford F-150 is in the shop and you’re forced to take your diminutive Toyota Yaris to Home Depot to pick up some 2x4s. That ain’t gonna work. You can pay to rent one of their vans to bring back a small supply, or you can simply bring along your Malone HandiRack inflatable roof rack. Made of a dense puncture-resistant synthetic weave, the HandiRack weighs only 5.5 lbs per unit (2 units are included) and can hold just over 173 lbs, so carrying surfboards, kayaks, skiis and even those cumbersome 2x4s is no problem. Plus, you have the advantage of easy mounting on 2 or 4 door vehicles that won’t impede the use of the windows. Easily fillable with the included hand pump, the HandiRack can also cushion your load over uneven terrain. Now, about that Yaris.

Buy Now: $90

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