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BMW Put a 31-Inch 8K TV Into a Car

BMW brought all the automotive tech to CES this year...and some home theater tech, too.

bmw theatre screen

It may not have started out as such, but here in 2022, the Consumer Electronics Show has basically taken the place of the old Detroit Auto Show as the first car show of the year. This year, Mercedes dropped its new and revolutionary Vision EQXX concept. Chevy unveiled the new Silverado EV. And even Sony showed off a new electric SUV concept.

BMW didn't blow the doors off the Las Vegas convention center with an all-new 1,000 horsepower electric M5 — at least, yet. But the German brand did unveil some exciting new automotive tech that could make it into their vehicle lineup in the near future. Here's what they unveiled at CES 2022.

bmw theatre screen

The BMW Theatre Screen

Perhaps most interesting for those of us who depend on screens in the car to keep kids quiet, BMW showed off what it's calling "the BMW Theatre Screen." It's a 31-inch TV with a 32:9 panorama display and up to 8K resolution with integrated Amazon Fire TV.

There's also a My Mode Theatre setting, which can lower the screen and adjust the lighting and sun blinds for "an immersive experience." In other words, your parents won't have to just tell you to watch Yellowstone; they can provide you with live commentary from the rear seats.

BMW iX Flow color-changing wrap

BMW showed off its new "iX Flow" technology on the new iX crossover. It's a specially developed body wrap that uses E Ink to allow the vehicle to change color in a myriad of different ways. While some BMW drivers may wish to don some racing stripes before performing their traditional bolt into traffic without a turn signal, the E Ink does serve a practical purpose for EVs: it can get darker in winter to absorb light or lighter in summer to reflect light, allowing the car to devote less energy to heating and cooling.

bmw hans zimmer collaboration

BMW Iconic Sounds Electric

Automakers are making EVs that are fun to drive, sure — but they won't naturally deliver the same emotive sound experience you get from a combustion engine. So BMW collaborated with famed composer Hans Zimmer to create some "emotionally rich soundscapes" with BMW Iconic Sounds Electric. These will debut on the upcoming i4 and iX electric vehicles arriving next year.


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