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Jeep and Igloo Teamed Up To Make a Special-Edition Cooler

Remember, your Wrangler-owning dad has Father's Day just around the corner...

jeep igloo cooler open with ice and beverage cans

A Jeep SUV is not just a means of conveyance; Jeep ownership is a lifestyle. And whether you're heading out to the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab or just trekking out on a Saturday to watch the madness that is four-year-olds attempting to play soccer, cold beverages are essential. And just in time for car camping season, you can now buy a Jeep cooler.

Jeep® Stickers Playmate Pal 7 Qt Cooler
Jeep igloocoolers.com

The brand collaborated with Igloo on a special edition of their iconic Playmate Pal model. The Jeep Playmate cooler has a 7.0-qt capacity — enough to handle up to nine cans — and can be ordered in Sapphire or Carbon colors. It's built with Igloo's eco-friendly Thermocool insulation, and offers a push-button lid and molded-in handle for one-handed operation — great if, say, a toddler occupies the other hand. The cooler comes pre-festooned with some Jeep road trip stickers for some extra design flair.

The Igloo Playmate is reasonably priced and perfectly serviceable for everyday use cases; my family has been using the same ones to transport beverages and sandwiches to the beach for decades. But it is 2022, after all, and you can dramatically level up your beverage cooling game if you're willing to invest.

The Yeti Tundra Haul appeared in our 2022 Summer Gear Awards for a reason. And if spending $400 on beverage cooling feels a bit extreme, there are a wide range of more affordable but still high-quality cooler options out there. And you could, theoretically, source your own Jeep stickers to add to that upgraded cooler.

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