Check Out Rolls-Royce's Stunning New Phantom

Refreshed and somehow even fancier.

rolls royce phantom series ii
Courtesy Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce builds some of the fanciest cars on the planet — as well as bespoke, portable stools. The most popular (and most important for the bottom line) Rolls-Royce is now the Cullinan SUV, but the fanciest model is still the Phantom, the brand's flagship, full-size sedan. The current eighth-generation Phantom, which debuted in 2017, is not getting a complete overhaul anytime soon. But Rolls-Royce has just announced the Phantom is getting a refresh for 2023.

One key Phantom element is not being messed with. Rolls-Royce will still power the Phantom with its lone engine option, the twin-turbocharged 6.75-liter V12. Most large-displacement power plants are about raw power, but the Phantom's V12 engine is about refinement. Rolls-Royce boasts that it's their quietest car, a title it will hold until the first electric Rolls-Royce debuts next year. The Phantom will likely be the last Rolls-Royce car to use a V12, as the brand is going all-electric in 2030.

The Phantom is receiving some very subtle aesthetic tweaks. The grille is now illuminated and customers can order a darkened chrome grill surround. The headlights get intricate laser-cut bezel starlights. The updated Phantom offers a new set of wheels including "a 3D, milled stainless steel wheel with triangular facets" and "an elegant disc wheel, recalling the romance of 1920s Rolls-Royce motor cars."

Rolls-Royce is commemorating the Phantom refresh with a bespoke creation, the Phantom Platino. The Phantom Platino is intended to introduce buyers to luxury materials that are not leather, including a silken Italian mill fabric and another fabric made from bamboo fibers. The rear seats are fabric, though the fronts – fret not Rolls-Royce customers — are still leather.

Rolls-Royce is also adding a new "Rolls-Royce" connected feature, which allows communication between the car and the brand's private members app, "Whispers." This will allow owners to send directions to their cars and get instant push-button status updates and dealer contact info.


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