These Are the Car Brands That Are Going Electric

The car world is changing — in a hurry.

jaguar i pace on charger
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The car world is going electric — and quickly. Popular attitudes toward climate change are shifting, legislative combustion engine bans are looming and EV technology and charging infrastructure are improving. We’re seeing companies promising onslaughts of new electric cars built on dedicated EV platforms, and many current iconic vehicles will go electric soon as well. Brands that have leaned all into EVs are finding they can't build them fast enough.

Most automakers have set deadlines far into the nebulous future (when current product plans are not affected). But a few automakers, aiming to be ahead of the curve, have pledged to 100 percent electric vehicles within the coming decade or shortly after.

jaguar i pace
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Jaguar (2025)

Jaguar Land Rover has announced its Reimagine plan, which calls for the Jaguar brand to go all-electric starting in 2025 — but without the electric XJ. The brand will be using a bespoke EV platform it's calling "Pantera."

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Alfa Romeo
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Alfa Romeo (2027)

Stellantis confirmed plans for Alfa Romeo to be their first brand to go EV-only. The transition will happen in 2027.

lotus evija
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Lotus (2028)

Lotus is working on a limited-run Evija all-electric sports car and plans to be an EV brand by 2028.

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Bentley (2030)

Bentley announced plans to be all-electric by 2030. The brand will sell exclusively plug-in hybrid or electric cars by 2026.

cadillac lyriq pairs next generation battery technology with a bold design statement which introduces a new face, proportion and presence for the brand’s new generation of evs images display show car, not for sale some features shown may not be available on actual production model
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Cadillac (2030)

GM has pledged to go all-electric by 2035. Cadillac will lead the way, going all-electric by 2030.

lexus electric performance concept car
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Lexus (2030)

After sitting on the fence, Toyota has announced ambitious electric vehicle plans. Part of those plans includes Lexus going all-electric in North America, Europe and China by 2030 (and all markets by 2035). And an electric LFA successor may be on the way.

mercedes benz concept eqg
Mercedes-Benz AG - Global Communications Mercedes-Benz Cars & Vans
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Mercedes-Benz (2030)

Mercedes has an onslaught of electric vehicles coming including an electric edition of the G-Class. The brand has confirmed plans to go electric by 2030...with the caveat that they may still sell combustion vehicles in markets that necessitate it.

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Rolls-Royce (2030)
audi e tron s sportback
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Audi (2033)

Audi has pledged to go electric by 2033. They will launch their last new internal combustion car in 2026.

silverado ev
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Chevrolet / GMC / Buick (2035)

General Motors outlined a plan that would see the company — and its Chevrolet, GMC and Buick brands — eliminate combustion-powered vehicles by 2035. One key component of that plan will be the all-new Silverado EV pickup arriving in 2024.

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