Bowlus Went Electric with the New Volterra Camping Trailer

It can even charge your EV in a pinch.

bowlus camping trailer parked at campsite with chairs out front and a sunset in the background

The motoring world is going electric. That's true for cars and motorcycles. It's also true for recreational camping vehicles, which typically require fuel for the tow vehicle and yet more fuel to operate when you reach a campsite. Exquisite luxury travel trailer manufacturer Bowlus unveiled the Volterra, the brand's first 100% electric production model.

The Volterra, which sleeps up to four passengers, can't propel itself like the Airstream eStream concept. But it does have some very cool electric features. Its 17 kWh lithium-ion phosphate battery can hold 100% more power than Bowlus's Terra Firma trailer. It can draw power while attached to an electric vehicle or deliver an emergency charge of up to 65 miles back into the EV. The induction cooktop is electric as well.

interior of bowlus volterra trailer with cute dog behind roll out food dishes

Want solar power? The Volterra can come with an AeroSolar system with up to 480W solar power generation. The panels passively charge the trailer at all times, including while driving.

Bowlus designed the trailer with some helpful features for going off the grid. It has a massive 50-gallon fresh water tank, which delivers 150% more capacity than the Terra Firma. It also has high-speed — up to 250 mb/s — Starlink satellite internet so you can remain tethered to your place of employment. Other features, like a new backup camera that can pair with your smartphone, are just helpful.

If you're into a Southern California-inspired interior — who isn't? — the Volterra has a limited edition La Cumbre interior, which takes its inspiration from the mountain peak behind Santa Barbara. Vegan seating in "Ynez" with "Rafael" accent piping evokes a California sunset.

The Volterra will feature in Bowlus's 2023 product lineup. Pricing for the new trailer will start at $310,000, which is about $25,000 more than the Terra Firma trailer.


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