Porsche Is Targeting Mercedes and Lucid with a New Panamera EV, Per Report

The new super sedan will reportedly slot above the Taycan.

porsche panamera hitting the apex of a corner on track

Porsche's first electric car is the Tacyan. It's a sleek, four-door electric sedan. One would not be entirely remiss to describe it as an EV version of the Panamera, Porsche's sleek, four-door combustion and hybrid sedan. But according to the British outlet Autocar, Porsche is planning for a battery-electric Panamera that will slot above the Taycan.

According to the report, the Panamera EV will use a separate platform from the combustion Panamera, which Porsche will facelift in 2023 and sell until 2030. It will use a Porsche-specific version of VW's Scalable Systems Platform (SSP) — currently under development — called the SSP Sport. The platform will feature a new slimline battery pack that will lower the floor for added rear foot room and the center of gravity for performance.

Autocar says the powertrain lineup for the Panamera EV will be twinned with the next-gen Taycan EV and offer both single-motor and dual-motor versions. The Panamera EV will be similarly sized to the long wheelbase Panamera, making it around 8 inches longer than the Taycan EV. It will also receive updated 800V fast-charging capability and be capable of Level 3 autonomous driving.

The report does not offer information about Panamera EV pricing. But considering that the current combustion Panamera starts at $92,400, we can expect the new sedan to start well north of $100,000 and rival the likes of the Mercedes EQS and the Lucid Air.

The Panamera EV is Porsche's sixth EV under development that we know about. The Taycan is already in production. Porsche is working on electric versions of the Macan and Cayenne SUVs and 718 sports car. Porsche also confirmed a new range-topping (potentially three-row) electric SUV arriving in the back half of the 2020s.


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