Toyo Open Country R/T Trail Tire Review: Aiming to Be the Best of Both Worlds

We took a spin on Toyo’s newest addition to its off-road tire lineup.

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Finding a tire that fits your lifestyle tends to be a struggle when you want to use your daily driver for weekend off-road and overlanding adventures. Deciding between a mud-terrain tire's ruggedness and an all-terrain tire's quiet ride can be tricky. To bridge this gap, Toyo has announced a new tire that might be just what you need to keep your adventure-ready Tacoma running smoothly both on- and off-road.

The new Open Country R/T Trail is not a replacement in Toyo's current roster but an addition. R/T stands for "rugged terrain," and if you are familiar with the Open Country lineup, the R/T Trail falls between the beloved A/T III and the R/T, designed for SUVs and light trucks. With an especially capable design, the tire is an excellent fit for the off-roading weekend warrior, as it has more aggressive traction than an all-terrain tire but still carries a smooth ride for the drive to work.

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The tire was revealed in conjunction with Toyo Tire's Trailpass, an overlanding enthusiast event at the beautiful Holcomb Valley Ranch. Before the event, I was able to put the rubber to the rocks with a day of off-roading in the San Bernardino National Forest around the Southern California treasure, Big Bear Lake.

The Open Country R/T Trail tires performed well on and off-road

In testing, I drove a Jeep Wrangler and was immediately impressed with how quiet the ride on the pavement was before hitting the winding trails. For reference, I am used to a loud set of mud terrains on my Jeep Gladiator. Because of this smooth drive, I was a bit skeptical about going for a spin on the more rugged course. Once on the dirt, we aired down for increased traction and general puncture protection. While Toyo won't tell you how far you can air down, as they recommend inflating to your vehicle's recommended pressure measurements, we were wheeling at around 14 psi.

The tires had decent flex when going over rocks and other obstacles, but they were on the stiffer side with such a thick sidewall. This sidewall traction is one of the more notable upgrades when looking at the rest of the Open Country lineup. The tread design is symmetrical, allowing optimum performance on either side of the tire. With that, I found that the tire gripped the rocky landscape easily. Toyo claims the tires will perform well in wet conditions and soft sand, though I did not get to test that around Big Bear Lake.

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But they are not rated for snow use

Something to note is that the R/T Trails is not intended to be a snow tire, and they do not have the three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) certification like many all-terrain tires do. Toyo led us to believe they would perform well enough in wintery conditions — we weren't able to test that in California in September — but if that is your main focus or you live in a place where vehicle traction laws are enforced, there are better snow tire options out there.

When you can buy the Open Country R/T Trail

Toyo will start selling the Open Country R/T Trail in November with a current plan for 47 sizes. Ranging in sizes from 6- to 24-inch wheel diameters with tire diameters up to 38 inches. If you are unsure about switching your tires, they have a 500-mile/45-day trial offer and are backed by a 45,000-mile warranty.

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Toyo Tire Open Country R/T Trail

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