Ford's Electric Bronco May Also Have a Rugged VW Twin

The aptly (and weirdly) named ID. Ruggdzz is reportedly under development again.

vw id buggy driving through sand
Ingo Barenschee

Back in 2020, reports had VW working on a vehicle called the ID. Ruggdzz — and yes, that actually was the purported name. It was going to be a boxy, electric off-road-focused SUV. VW reportedly shelved the idea toward the end of 2020 to focus on other projects — but according to new reporting from Autocar, an ID. Ruggdzz may be back on the table.

VW Commercial Vehicles CEO Carsten Intra confirmed to Autocar that VW is working with Ford on electrifying the T6 truck platform. Autocar also says engineering on that project is underway at Ford facilities in Australia and Michigan. The T6 platform underpins the Volkswagen Amarok pickup, the Ford Ranger pickup and the Ford Bronco SUV. That news tracks with Ford CEO Jim Farley all but confirming Ford was working on an electric Bronco.

The report does not specify much about what the VW ID. Ruggdzz (hopefully with a different production name) would look like. However, it does suggest that it would pack a large battery pack — 110 kWh or larger — to provide the necessary range and towing capability.

Of course, Ford and VW looking at the idea does not mean development is imminent. Some of the latest automotive forecasting does not have Ford putting electric Ranger and Bronco vehicles into production until the launch of the next generation in late 2029. It’s unlikely Ford would develop that capability sooner for VW and then sit on it.

It’s also unclear how an ID. Ruggdzz would relate to VW’s new Scout EV brand, which plans to sell rugged, off-roading electric trucks and SUVs in America starting in 2026. Scout is reportedly looking at Foxconn and Magna as options to build them, but there has not been confirmation on what platform they will use yet.


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