Ford's Electric Bronco May Not Arrive Until 2029

A Bronco EV is projected to arrive around the same time as autonomous driving and flying cars, according a rumor.

pre production 2021 bronco four door badlands series with available sasquatch™ off road package in cactus gray in johnson valley, california

Ford launched the all-new Bronco as a (not particularly efficient) pure combustion SUV in 2020, just as the automotive world was in the beginnings of converting to electric propulsion. The move felt a bit discordant, and even prompted one writer to call it an "obscene monument to climate denialism." Well, electrified Broncos are coming — but according to a recent report, they may not be coming for quite a while.

A Bronco6G user posted screengrabs latest Ford product map from AutoForecastSolutions. It did show battery-electric Bronco and Ranger vehicles launching on a new TE1 platform (alongside combustion versions). But the product map does not project those vehicles entering production until 2029, specifically 8/1/2029 for the Ranger and 11/1/2029 for the Bronco. That would make them 2030 model-year vehicles.

That timeline would be a bit disappointing. Rumors have been swirling about a hybrid Bronco since its launch. Ford CEO Jim Farley all but confirming Ford was working on a Bronco EV back in May 2021, suggesting an electric Bronco might be closer than 8.5 years away from that point. Moreover, the Bronco's main competitor, the Jeep Wrangler, already has a 4xe plug-in hybrid on the road and a "Wrangler-inspired" electric Recon SUV hitting the market in 2024.

However, waiting a bit for an electric Bronco could make sense given what Ford has on its plate. Ford still hasn't unveiled the American version of the Ranger that would go out of production in 2029. Ford also needs to ramp up production of the current Bronco, the Maverick small pickup and the F-150 Lightning to meet demand. Ford may also have another EV truck coming in 2025.

On the flip side, the document may indicate that an electric Mustang — or what would amount to an electric Mustang sports car — may arrive earlier than anticipated. A MachEForum user referenced the same document showing a next-gen Mustang Mach E entering production on 7/1/2026 with a "Mustang Mach E Coupe." SUV coupes have become a trend. But the Mustang Mach E can't get swoopier and more car-like without becoming a car.

Ford, it should be noted, has not confirmed these future vehicles yet, much less the timelines for when they will enter production. And the direct link to the PDF to the projections from AutoForecastSolutions now generates an error message.


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