Bowlus Is Taking Its Lux Camping Trailers All-Electric: Everything You Need to Know

Our favorite luxury apartments on wheels no longer need fuel.

bowlus trailer towed by rivian r1s at sunset

Bowlus is one of our favorite camping trailer manufacturers, building what amount to luxury apartments on wheels. They launched a new entry-level Heritage model earlier this year. And Bowlus just announced some even bigger news — the brand is going all-electric.

Last year, Bowlus launched its first all-electric trailer, the Volterra, which made our favorite adventure vehicles from 2022 list. Now, the Heritage Edition and the brand's flagship Terra Firma model will also be going electric.

What does an electric camping trailer mean?

Bowlus trailers won't be propelling themselves like that Airstream concept. But they will use zero fuel. Bowlus is replacing the generator with the Bowlus Power Management System (up to a 17 kWh battery) and Bowlus Aersolar Solar power generation. Going all-electric also means swapping out propane for an induction cooktop.

Bowlus says the electric trailers will be self-sufficient to go off-the-grid for an extended period without relying on a campground. And without the loud generator running in the background, the experience should be more pleasant.

Won't the batteries make the trailer heavy?

Apparently not. Bowlus says all the trailers are designed with a GVWR rating between 2,500 and 4,000 lbs. That's light enough to be towed with a more efficient vehicle than a full-size truck or — depending on the distance you need to travel — an all-electric vehicle. And the trailers have a naturally aerodynamic shape; Bowlus announced last year that a Tesla Model X still maintained 71% of its range while towing a Terra Firma trailer.

When can you order an all-electric Bowlus camping trailer?

Bowlus says the electric versions of its camping trailers are available immediately. You can begin the ordering process on the brand's website.

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