The Dream Cars of 2018

A ‘dream car’ isn’t necessarily the most expensive, the fastest, the most powerful or the most beautiful — it can also be all three.


A ‘dream car’ isn’t necessarily the most expensive, the fastest, the most powerful or the most beautiful — it can also be all four. Or a combination, of course. Dream cars come in all shapes and sizes; they can be old or new; practical or frivolous. 2018 was filled to the brim with prime candidates deserving of the title.

TAG Heuer 1972 Special Re-Edition Autavia

As far as automatic chronographs go, TAG Heuer’s Autavia is a paragon in the category. The first timepiece to use a rotating tachymeter bezel, it changed the game for chronographs and their ability to calculate average speed. TAG Heuer finally revived the Autavia after a hiatus, and this 1972 Special Re-Edition 42mm version pays homage to that classic model. The black panda dial displays a 30-minute chronograph counter, a 12-hour chronograph counter, and the date. The timepiece also includes a polished steel and aluminum bidirectional 12-hour bezel. Finished off with a black calfskin strap, this is a true vintage-inspired chronograph.

Buy Now: $5,800

Dream Cars

3 New Mercedes-AMG Sport Sedans and Coupes Just Launched at the Detroit Auto Show

The CLS53, E53 and E53 Cabriolet are the first models to launch with an all-new power plant.

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The New 8-Series Is the Best Looking Big Two-Door from BMW in Decades

BMW has a lot riding on its new flagship.

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This Tastefully Modified Land Cruiser Is the Best Kind of Pickup Truck

Legacy Overland knows how to upgrade a vintage four-wheeler and still keep it classy and tasteful.

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Get a Custom, Better-Than-New International Scout for $65,000

In a market saturated with Defenders and Land Cruisers, as good as they may be, a quality, rebuilt Scout is a breath of fresh air.

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The Vintage Italian Car Market Is About to Get Injection of Authenticity

Aside from upping the number of SUVs in their lineups, the next biggest trend for automotive manufacturers seems to be buying, restoring and selling their own classic cars.

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The New Audi RS5’s Aggressive V6 Easily Rivals BMW, Mercedes

Getting behind the wheel of the new 2018 Audi RS5 and stretching the legs on its 444 horsepower 2.9-liter bi-turbo V6.

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This Rare Land Rover Is the Off-Roader of Your Dreams and It’s Only $8,000

To hell with number-matching parts, this Discovery is as close to perfect as you can get.

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The Most Affordable Way to Dominate a Weekend Off the Grid

You could easily spend thousands on flights, rooms and accommodations, or you can just get this pop-up camper.

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A Legendary Brand Is Back To Take On Aston Martin and Ferrari

Making a name for yourself in the modern automotive world is nearly impossible. Breaking into the supercar arena is even harder.

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Aston Martin Took an Already Insane Car and Made It More Incredible

Today, Aston Martin introduced its all-new 630 horsepower, 208 mph V12 Aston Martin DB11 AMR.

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This Is the Bronco You Want but Ford Is Too Afraid to Build

The new Ford Bronco would be fantastic with a 2020 Mustang V8, sadly that probably won't happen. Thankfully, Classic Car Club Manhattan is putting its V8 Bronco up for sale.

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The Perfect BMW M3 Does Exist and This Is It

Aside from the original M3, the E46 might be the next most sought-after car in the family tree. Which is why this 2005 M3 with just under 16,000 miles on the clock, could be the...

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Porsche’s New Drop-Top Is an Ode to Some of the Prettiest Roadsters Ever Made

Featuring a chopped-down windshield, an analog powerplant and a spartan interior.

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If You Want a Vintage Defender, Make Sure It’s Upgraded Like This

Admittedly, to make day-to-day life more manageable with a Defender a couple of modifications are necessary.

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Forget the New Supra, This Is the Car Toyota Needs to Bring Back

The experimental approach Toyota took with the Celica needs to make a return in the Corolla.

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The Summer of 2018 Belongs to the Ultimate Porsche

The ultimate distillation of what a Porsche 911 can be will be on display at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed, then next month during Monterey Car Week.

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You Need to Buy This Super Clean Safari Porsche 911

Why? It might just be a (relative) bargain.

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The Milan Red Hypercar Is an Incredibly Dubious Bugatti Chiron Competitor

The Milan Red car is said to compete directly with the Bugatti Chiron, that gold standard of hypercars, with similar but lesser specs. It hardly seems suited to actually best the French beast.

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This Might Be the Most Perfect Land Rover Defender Ever (and You Can Buy It)

It's a rare specification, has numerous subtle upgrades throughout and fewer than 8,000 miles on the odometer.

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The ‘Ferrari’ from ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day off’ Is up for Grabs

If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

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This Will Be the Last Non-Hybrid Lamborghini V12

Lamborghini is finally giving in and joining the semi-electric ranks with Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche.

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Porsche’s 993 Turbo Restoration Is Beautiful but Has One Massive Flaw

You can't actually drive it on the street.

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If an Old M5 Is Out of Your Price Range, Try This Instead

Like a lot of top-end sports cars, there's often a perfectly suited performance car living in their shadows and the E39 M5 is no different.

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This Pristine Mazda RX-7 Can Be Yours For Under $30,000

Cars like the 1994 Mazda RX-7 are of a breed on the brink of becoming classics and collectibles.

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This Original BMW M5 Is the Vintage Super Sedan You Crave

The foundation of the brand's reputation is rooted firmly in sports sedans like this.

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This Murdered Out Audi Quattro Is the Best Alternative to an Original M3

The Audi Quattro coupe came before the M3, is more capable, more advanced and when it's murdered out like this one, it's the best alternative.

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You Will Not Find a More Beautiful Custom Scout For Sale

New Legend brings the iconic Scout into the 21st century without compromising its old world charm.

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Why Doesn’t Ford Make Cars Like This 1992 Escort RS Anymore?

Whenever a classic Ford pops up -- like this 1992 Escort RS -- it's now more than just a hard hit of nostalgia.

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Get the Toughest Truck in the World for Just Under $7,000

As far as long-term investments go, you can't beat a Toyota 4x4 Pickup for under $6,800.

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It’s Okay to Want a New Airstream, But Get This Old One Instead

Buy vintage, save thousands of dollars and still get the floor space you wanted all along.

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