These 10 Cars Hold Their Value Better Than Any Others

These are the cars that best hold their value. Mostly because they’re awesome.


Residual value — what a car is worth atis an important factor to consider when buying a new car. It’s the amount of money you receive on the back end. It also lowers the cost of leasing relative to the sticker price.

To help clarify the issue for shoppers, has just published a study of cars with the lowest five-year depreciation rates. (Coincidentally, the list may as well be a roundup of some of our favorite vehicles. Check out the 10 cars that best hold their value below.

1. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited: Holds 70% Of Its Value

Jeep Wrangler buyers prefer the more usable, family-friendly four-door version. Not surprisingly, that’s the version that best holds its value. High Wrangler residual values can mean great deals on leases.

BUY NOW: $31,795+

2. Jeep Wrangler: Holds 68.5% Of Its Value

The two-door Wrangler depreciates a bit more, but only a little bit.

BUY NOW: $28,295+

3. Toyota Tacoma: Holds 68% Of Its Value

Death, taxes, and the Tacoma having impressive resale value. If you’re willing to lease, you can get a crazy deal.

BUY NOW: $26,050+

4. Toyota Tundra: Holds 64.1% Of Its Value

The Tundra is not the most capable full-size truck. But its off-road cred gives it a loyal base of Toyota enthusiasts.

BUY NOW: $33,425+

5. Toyota 4Runner: Holds 63.5% Of Its Value

Yes, rugged and durable Toyota off-roaders tend to be highly valued by used car buyers.

BUY NOW: $36,020+

6. Porsche 911: Holds 62.8% Of Its Value

It’s hard to find an affordable Porsche 911, unless you are willing to roll the dice on the runny-egg headlights and faulty IMS bearings of the 996 generation.

BUY NOW: $97,400+

7. Honda Ridgeline: Holds 61.9% Of Its Value

The Ridgeline may be the one surprise on this list. It’s an outlier: a pickup truck built on a unibody minivan platform. But it drives well, is loaded with features, and buyers like it.

BUY NOW: $29,900+

8. Nissan GT-R: Holds 60.6% Of Its Value

Dropping six-figures on a Nissan is more palatable when you can get a big chunk of that back on the back end.

BUY NOW: $113,540+

9. Nissan Frontier: Holds 60.5% Of Its Value

The Frontier is a blast from the past — the second generation debuted for the 2004 model year — but it’s still a solid value buy, with a low MSRP and high resale value.

BUY NOW: $19,090+

10. Subaru WRX: Holds 60% Of Its Value

A used WRX would seem to be a perilous proposition, given the generic Rex driver’s propensity for aggressive driving, car accidents and distasteful modifications. But there’s always someone waiting to live the dream on the back end.

BUY NOW: $27,495+

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