This Sleek, Modern Camper Van Offers a Streamlined Approach to #VanLife

This well-organized camper is simple, versatile, and offers everything you need short of a wet bath.

The German company VanMe builds out custom camper vans. Their “Streamline” build, shown here in a 2.0-liter diesel Volkswagen T6 van, is versatile, modern and, yes, streamlined. There are no sharp edges.

The Streamline build features a side unit taking up one side of the van. It includes a sink with a 25-liter water tank, a refrigerator, a fold-out, one-burner gas stove and a number of storage compartments. There’s also a foldable, 110-watt solar panel. It has all the essentials one would want, short of a wet bath.

On the other side of the Streamline build is either a two or three-seater bench that folds out on dual rails into a bed. The bench is also removable, permitting the space to be used for hauling and storage when not camping. For trips with more guests, a pop-top bed increases the sleeping capacity to four.

This particular Volkswagen T6 build, already sold, prices out to $78,631. If a Volkswagen isn’t your style, VanMe can also customize a range of vehicles, including vintage Land Rover Defenders.

But, if you’re looking for smart design and a versatile van layout that you can buy in America, consider the Happier Camper Adaptiv for van kit. It employs a modular, Lego-like block system that offers similar versatility. There’s also the Sportsmobile 4×4 camper van if you’re more in the mood for a badass off-roading beast.

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