The 10 Cars Most Likely to Get Speeding Tickets

A study compiled the Top 10 cars whose drivers are most likely to have a speeding ticket. The top of the list won't surprise you.

subaru wrx

Ever wonder which cars rack up the most speeding tickets? compiled the data, and haspublished a list of the cars whose drivers are most likely to have a speeding violation on their record.

Most cars on the list shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Young people tend to speed; driving enthusiasts tend to speed; and law enforcement is looking for those two groups to speed. So not surprisingly, cheap, sporty, manual transmission cars tend to dominate the list.

A fun fact: on average, 10.54% of drivers on the road have a speeding ticket. The leading car on the list had a percentage nearly twice as high. Another fun fact: Dodge, the brand that markets itself most to speed freaks, claimed three of the top 10 spots (four, if you count Ram).

Check out the top 10 cars most likely to get a speeding ticket below.

2020 subaru wrx gear patrol
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Subaru WRX – 20.49%

No surprise for the top spot. Driving aggressively is the main reason to own a Subaru WRX, and "Rex" drivers' penchant for JDM stickers, gaudy rims and aftermarket bodywork tends to make them quite conspicuous.

vw gti gear patrol 01
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Volkswagen GTI – 17.38%

The major (and maybe only) drawback to the Volkswagen GTI? The car handles so well, it's hard not to feel needlessly constrained by speed limits.

subaru impreza
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Subaru Impreza – 15.9%

The Impreza, in non-WRX form, is no speed demon. But it is a cheap car with a manual transmission.

2009 infiniti full line event napa, ca
Guy Spangenberg/Spangenberg Photography
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Infiniti G37 – 15.61%

The Infiniti G37 had more than 300 horsepower and a six-speed manual. Last sold in 2013, it's also quite affordable for tuners.

dodge dart
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Dodge Dart – 15.45%

The Dodge Dart, though not as powerful as other Dodge cars, is an affordable compact with a manual transmission.

2020 hyundai veloster n gear patrol lead full
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Hyundai Veloster – 15.43%

The Hyundai Veloster N is one of the best hot hatches out there — and the base Veloster is an affordable, manual transmission car.

for the first time ever, shaker hood scoop available on challenger rt scat pack widebody with the 50th anniversary edition
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Dodge Challenger – 15.09%

No real surprise it was a Dodge Challenger driver who got clocked doing 110 mph over the speed limit during the lockdown.

2020 ram 2500 heavy duty longhorn mega cab
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Ram 2500 – 14.79%

The Ram 2500 is the only pickup on the list. It's not clear why those owners, of all truck drivers, have a particular need for speed.

the dodge charger scat pack widebody is powered by the 392 cubic inch hemi® v 8 engine with the best in class naturally aspirated 485 horsepower mated to the torqueflite 8hp70 eight speed transmission
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Dodge Charger – 14.71%

The Dodge Charger is similar to the Challenger in looks — and ludicrous power.

nissan 350z roadster
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Nissan 350Z – 14.65%

The Nissan 350Z uses a similar formula to the Infinti G37, with 300-plus horsepower and a six-speed manual. Nissan last sold it for the 2009 model year.

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