5 Cool Things to Know About the Jeep Grand Cherokee's New McIntosh Stereo

McIntosh had held off from partnering with an automaker on a premium sound option...until now.

grand cherokee l infotainment unit

Nice cars can't have anonymous stereo systems anymore. These days, just about every automaker has partnered with a name-brand audio manufacturer you can think of on a premium in-car sound option. McIntosh, which produces some of the finest high-end audio equipment out there, was one of the few brands that held off...until now.

For 2021, McIntosh has collaborated with Jeep on a sound system for the all-new new three-row Grand Cherokee L SUV. Here are five cool things to know about this awesome Jeep x McIntosh partnership.

mcintosh speaker
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It's McIntosh's first mass-production car partnership in years

McIntosh has dabbled in aftermarket car audio before; they have come up with custom solutions for special edition Harley Davidson bikes and the 100th anniversary Ford GT, and helped Subaru out with high-end stereos a long time ago. But this partnership with Jeep will be the first McIntosh audio system from the factory on a mass-produced vehicle in more than a decade.

grand cherokee l infotainment unit
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It looks like a McIntosh System

Jeep incorporated McIntosh design elements into the digital screens to give the audio system a McIntosh feel. The infotainment display uses the McIntosh logo, and can show the iconic blue analog meters (in virtual form, of course). It also uses metal rigid control knobs.

mcintosh door speaker on jeep grand cherokee l
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It sounds like, well, a McIntosh System

The system should deliver super-clear McIntosh sound, of course. The 19-speaker and 17-channel amp setup features an LD/HP speaker design for lower distortion and McIntosh Power Guard for clarity at high volume.

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You Don't Need the Fancy Summit Reserve Trim to Get the Goods

The McIntosh audio system will come standard on the highfalutin' Summit Reserve package. That said, you'll be able to option it on the Summit and Overland trims as well.

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McIntosh Has a Serious Rock & Roll Pedigree

In case you were unfamiliar, McIntosh amps powered the most over-the-top, obsessively precise speaker array in Rock & Roll history: the Grateful Dead's "Wall of Sound" from 1974.

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