The 2023 Ford Mustang: Everything You Need to Know

It may look similar, but it could pack some big changes.

ford mustang 2022 models

Believe it or not, Ford debuted the sixth-generation Mustang all the way back in December 2013. The all-new seventh-generation Mustang — reportedly codenamed S650 — should be arriving very soon, as a 2023 model year vehicle.

Ford has the Mustang Mach-E now, which offers a Mustang-branded car that is far more efficient, more practical and has all-wheel drive. That should free up the conventional Mustang to remain very much a good old-fashioned Mustang, at least for the current generation.

Here’s what we know so far about the future of Ford's pony car.

leaked picture of the front fascia of the new ford mustang
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Meet what may be the face of the 2023 Ford Mustang

The S650 Mustang should not be a radical departure, looks-wise, from the previous generation. Per Muscle Cars and Trucks, the car will use an evolution of the current platform code-named S550. But the S650 should be getting a new front end to differentiate itself from its predecessor.

Ford Authority obtained what appears to be a spy photo of the new Mustang with its front fascia uncovered. And what may be another leaked photo popped up on the Facebook account Steeda.

ford mustang 2022 models
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The new Mustang is expected to carry over the current V8 and EcoBoost four

Ford should keep the combustion engine lineup intact, at least initially. According to a recent report from Ford Authority citing exclusive sources, the new Mustang will launch with the same 2.3-liter EcoBoost inline-four and 5.0-liter V8 found in the current 2022 model cars. Those engines should get the same 10-speed automatic and six-speed manual transmissions options found today.

While all (non Mach-E) Mustangs so far have been rear-wheel-drive, reports have suggested the Mustang will eventually get all-wheel-drive. Ford has also patented a new clutch-by-wire system for a manual transmission that would not need (but could still use) a physical clutch pedal; if Ford were to implement that, the Mustang would be the place.

ford mustang 2022 models
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Expect a hybrid Mustang within a few years

Automotive News says Ford will be debuting a hybrid version of the Mustang by 2025. And a Ford product development engineer updating his LinkedIn profile noted work on 2.3-liter inline-four and 5.0-liter V8 hybrids. Hybrid options may be necessary for efficiency and keeping up with rivals' performance. The AWD Mustang could even be the hybrid Mustang, if Ford decides to include electric propulsion on the front axle.

ford mustang 2022 models
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An electric Mustang will likely arrive down the road (but not for a while)

The seventh-generation Mustang life cycle should stretch into the early 2030s. It’s really hard to see Ford launching a new pure combustion Mustang at that point. One report has Ford launching an all-electric Mustang for 2028, which would likely overlap with the S650 — and eventually replace it. There's no confirmation of that timeline yet, but it would make a lot of sense.

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