Mercedes-Benz May Have Some Ruthless Model Cutbacks Coming, Report Says

Grab that dream station wagon or coupe while you can.

mercedes e class all terrain parked in front of a rocky wall

Mercedes-Benz plans to go all-electric by 2030. That transition will necessitate massive changes to the brand's current lineup of mostly combustion-powered vehicles. We've heard some rumblings in previous years about how that process will shake out. But a report from Car and Driver spells out further details of Mercedes developments over the next few years.

According to the report, the cullings will be significant — only 14 of the present 33 model variants in the U.S. and Europe will survive — and not great news if you like coupes or wagons.

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Mercedes will cut its coupe and convertible lineup pretty heavily
mercedes amg e53 convertible

Car and Driver says Mercedes will terminate the E-Class and C-Class coupes and convertibles in 2023 and 2024, replacing them with two CLE-Class two-door models. The AMG GT 4-Door and the CLS Class will depart the lineup as well.

Days are numbered for those funky-looking GLC and GLE Coupe models as well, but both will get a run out for the next generation.

Mercedes wagons will stick around...but only for a bit
e class all terrain wagon on a trail

The next-generation E-Class will have a wagon variant, but the end of the line will come in 2030. Mercedes will stop selling the C-Class wagon it sells outside America in 2028. The 2025 CLA-Class will be the last shooting brake.

But Mercedes will still have some cool new vehicles coming
mercedes ener g force concept

Car and Driver notes that some new Mercedes vehicles may be on the horizon. Those include a new electric four-door coupe, an electric SL with "more cargo and rear seat space," an electric AMG GT Coupe and, intriguingly, a "chunky GLG-class SUV" coming for 2026.

And you can expect some new, super-duper-expensive models
mercedes presentation teaser of its new mythos lineup with the silhouette of a new speedster

The report says Mercedes-Benz plans to expand its offerings further upmarket with more offerings from Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach and Mercedes's new Mythos sub-brand. Said offerings could include a Gullwing recreation and a four-door G-Class pickup.

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