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These Stylish Motorcycle Boots Are Perfect for Any Situation

These motorcycle boots will have you covered from the garage to the road, the restaurant and back.

7 stylish motorcycle boots gear patrol lead full

The second you go to search ‘motorcycle boots,’ you realize how broad of a spectrum the category truly is. There are boots for every style rider, for every category of bike — and nearly every situation imaginable. However, the main problem with a good portion of road-worth motorcycle boots is they look like, well, motorcycle boots. Some have chunky plastic buckles; others are more akin to old-school cowboy boots, while others tend to look like they’re made for walking on the moon.

The point is, most motorcycle boots not stylish and suitable for everyday use; they only look appropriate when you’re on the bike, riding. And since you can’t ride your bike through the front door of the restaurant and park it at your table, qualified boots that look just as good on the bike as they do off are always good to have in your gear arsenal.

These motorcycle boots, however, will have you protected and looking good in any scenario, be it on the road or in the restaurant.


Hero by TCX $250

Ace Boots by Stylmartin $260

Marshal by Rev’It $300

Urban Racer by Rokker $449


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