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Save $80 on Dyson's V10 Cordless Vacuum

While it isn't Dyson's top tier anymore, the V10 should not be slept on — especially at this price.

dyson v10

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Dyson has been synonymous with exceptional quality for over 30 years now — its technology so good that eponymous founder James Dyson earned a knighthood for his work in the industry. While the brand has branched out to create a multitude of products, its flagship product is still the vacuum. When the V10 was released in 2018, it was so good that Dyson decided to end its R&D for upright vacuums and pivot that research to its cordless offerings. This was a huge step for Dyson, forging the way forward for a brand that is already miles above its next competitor, if not in technology, then certainly in recognition. (But probably also technology.)

While it has been passed in most categories by a newer model, the V10 is still a great value a year on from the V11's release. Featuring exceptional suction power and 60 minutes of run time, the V10 remains the vacuum that changed everything. Right now, you can get it for $400 — $80 off the retail price.


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