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How to Get Arc'teryx's Strange, Discontinued Duffel for Cheap

Arc'teryx's V80 wheeled duffel is hard to find and easy to love.

a black duffel bag on wheels

We recently updated our buying guide to the best durable travel duffels, and one of the changes we made was to remove Arc'teryx's V80 Rolling Duffel from the list. Not because we don't still like it, but because Arc'teryx no longer lists it for sale on its site, and it isn't easy to find on others. But we did just find it on another site, and for 25 percent off too — a savings of nearly $140.

Finding this deal made us remember why we liked the V80 so much in the first place. For one, it's unique among rolling suitcases in that its frame — Arc'teryx made it of aluminum — is on the outside of the bag. This way, it acts as a protective roll cage and doesn't take up any space inside the bag like most wheeled luggage.

The bag itself also helps separate it from other rolling bags. It's less boxy and more like a duffel. Arc'teryx did give it features that make packing and unpacking convenient, including a U-shaped zipper that goes nearly the entire length of the bag's perimeter and an interior compression panel to help cinch everything down and take pressure off the zipper. That zipper, by the way, is highly water-resistant, just like the bag's fabric.

The V80 also has a small exterior pocket for essentials you want at-hand when, someday, eventually, hopefully, we're all rolling through airport terminals again. Until then, its wheels are big and burly enough to handle gravel, sidewalks, grass and whatever else lies between your current A and B.

Price: $425 $318


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