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Gerber's ComplEAT Tool Is Better Than a Spork — and on Sale

Ditch the spork when you're camping and take something that is actually useful.

gerber multi tool

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For years the spork has been the go-to for campers and backpackers (and lunch ladies) looking to save space on dining utensils. However, when it comes down to brass tacks, a spork isn't much more than a catchy portmanteau and a two-tool utensil best suited for college cafeterias.

Our outdoor writer, Tanner Bowden, had some experience with sporks and decided to put the Gerber ComplEAT to the test, hoping to see if a spork really was the best the whole industry could dream up or if there was something more out there. The verdict: there is something better, and it is the Gerber ComplEAT. Right now you can get this superlative tool for 30 percent off at REI. Never use a spork again.


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