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Save Up to $300 on This Super-Smart, Convenient Tabletop Oven

Perfectly cook balanced meals with speed and efficiency, and save a bunch of money while doing it.

brava smart oven

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Preparing balanced meals in the comfort of your own home can be rewarding in many ways, but it just isn't for everyone. Perhaps you don't have the time to carefully craft menus and/or you're lacking in the necessary skills (and the desire) to call yourself a home chef. If that sounds like you, you can have your proverbial cake and eat it too with the Brava smart oven, which is discounted by up to $300 for Black Friday.

When we reviewed the Brava, we found it incredibly clever, efficient, convenient and technologically impressive. Not only can it cook perfectly and quickly every time, but it is easy to control with its handy touchscreen interface, wi-fi connectivity, and an array of other high-tech sensors and other features. It can even cook multiple different foods at different temperatures simultaneously, which is a pretty jaw-dropping prospect. And it takes the guesswork out of everything, making this a kind of idiot-proof, do-it-all tabletop oven.

Smart Oven
Brava shop.brava.com

Whether you're looking for an easier, faster, more convenient way to stay on track with your dietary habits or you just can't be bothered to learn how to cook and want to save some money on all those takeout meals, the Brava is a helpful and handy answer — especially when discounted by as much as $300 (applied at checkout while supplies last) for Black Friday.


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