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Brooks Brothers’ Iconic Dress and Sport Shirts Are Crazy Affordable Right Now

Under normal circumstances, the gold standard in dress shirts doesn’t come cheap.

Brooks Brothers

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As inflated as it sounds, you could make a very strong case that Brooks Brothers, the historic fashion house that’s suited everyone from Abraham Lincoln to Cary Grant, basically invented the modern dress shirt. In 1896, John E. Brooks, grandson of the company’s founder, found himself in England watching a polo match. Back then, players wore collared shirts but the activity of riding a large horse would cause their collars to flip up. As such, they often fastened them down with buttons — a feature that caught Mr. Brooks's attention. Shortly thereafter, his family’s company started mass-producing button-down dress shirts, basically cementing the garment’s place in that Platonic ideal we call the great “American wardrobe.”

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While we haven't been thinking about dress shirts for a while, the time for consistent business casual dress is slowly coming back for many. And, for others (we're looking at you, Zoom warriors) it never really went away. The gold standard doesn’t come cheap, though. They retail for around a hundred bucks each, and some come fairly close to two hundred. But right now, you can take advantage of this Brooks Brothers Sale and pick up as many as you want and/or need for 40 percent less than normal — that way you can look better than ever for your next office and/or video conference appearance.


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