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Save 35% on One of the Best Duffels Available

Mystery Ranch’s Mission Duffel is one of our favorite travel duffels of the year and has the best backpack carry system of any that we’ve seen.

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Travelers who eschew the roll-aboard face a crucial choice: duffel or backpack. The former is a stalwart gear-hauler with plenty of space, but it lacks interior organization while the latter is easy to carry and packed with pockets and features, but has poor access to its contents and broadcasts the globetrotting backpacker look to the locals. There is a middle ground though, and Mystery Ranch has found it with its Mission Duffel.

The Mission, currently on sale in the 40-liter size for up to 35 percent off, is a duffel with backpack straps. In the past few years, these bags have found a place in almost every outdoor gear maker’s collection, but the Mission stands out among the pack thanks to its comfortable stow-away backpack straps. They’re not just an afterthought; Mystery Ranch has taken what it’s learned in building excellent backpacking bags and applied it to the duffel.

The Mission wins bonus points for its large, U-shaped opening that provides plenty of access for the many zippered mesh organizing pockets found inside. The bag is also water-resistant, as any good duffel should be. All of these features helped make the Mystery Ranch Mission Duffel one of our favorites for 2021.

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Price: $150 $98


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