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The BarcaLounger of the Great Outdoors Is on Sale Today

Nemo Equipment reimagined the camp chair as a free-swinging seat that maximizes comfort.

a large black camping chair
Nemo Equipment

Camp chairs often mean compromise. How do you fit what is inherently a bulky object into a backpack? Usually, it involves trading comfort for lightweight portability, or vice versa. Even the bigger chairs that are common at tailgates and cookouts often don’t supply the long-term support that they promise. Enter Nemo Equipment’s Stargaze Luxury Recliner, a free-swinging camp chair that balances comfort and packability so well it's often sold out.

The Stargaze, unlike most other outdoor chairs that keep sitters close to the ground, has its seat suspended between a set of lightweight aluminum poles. The construction creates an experiential cross between a hammock and a rocking chair and maintains essential features including an integrated pocket (for a book, phone or keys) and a cup holder (what’s a camp chair without one?).

The Stargaze Luxury weighs seven pounds, so it’s not the ideal choice for backpacking, but is more than suitable for car camping, boating or tailgating. Nobody would blame you for giving the chair a semi-permanent spot in your backyard either. You can pick one up right now for $44 off at Backcountry thanks to a deal that lets you buy one full-priced item for 20 percent off. Look for the banners on Backcountry's home page to activate the discount, which will show up once you drop something in your cart.

Price: $220 $176


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