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This Affordable, Good-Looking Storage System Will Save Your Apartment from Ruin

Get an early start on spring cleaning and organizing with 20% off these handsome, affordable shelves and drawers.

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A generalization: if you live in small-ish apartment or home, you need either an unwavering commitment to Marie Kondo’s hatred for things or a storage system. And for those who like their things, there is Elfa.

Available at the Container Store for 20 percent off any purchase of $500 or more right now, Elfa is a variable storage system with the ability to solve the cluttered woes of home offices, pantries, closets, kitchens, garages and more. Scroll through a selection of the best-selling solutions to get the idea.

Elfa Décor Freestanding Office
Container Store containerstore.com

The system is comprised of a variety of components in a variety of colors and materials, but all systems function the same way. A “track” is drilled into the top of the wall and “standards” — vertical rods with insert slots — hang off of it. The slots on the standards are filled with whatever drawers, hangers, shelves and other components you want.

If Elfa looks vaguely familiar, you’ve probably seen Vitsoe’s grail-worthy 606 Universal Shelving System. Elfa borrows a few design cues from it but comes at a significantly lower price. The entire Elfa system is 20 percent off purchases of $500 or more, including professional installation, should you need it. Furthermore, purchases over $1,000 enter you to win a possible $500 bonus, and sales of $2,000 or more guarantee you a $200 bonus. Now is the time to organize it!


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