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The Coffee Mug Is Always Sold Out. Now It’s About to Go on Sale

Set an alarm for 7 p.m. EST and arm yourself with patience, because a batch of the internet’s most coveted coffee mugs is about to go on sale.


Editor’s Note: Many items in this sale have sold out since this post’s original publish time.

Beginning Monday, 7 p.m. EST, a mountain of East Fork’s bowls, plates and coffee mugs will be marked down by 30 percent. According to the company, the short notice Online Seconds Sale is the result of canceling a number of events due to coronavirus, and that this lot of seconds is the largest in its history.

In the last two years, East Fork has become a viral product novelty: an expensive earthenware manufacturer that can’t keep much of anything in stock. It releases product on its site on Tuesdays at noon and sells through most everything in a number of hours. Dubbed #TheMug on Instagram, its coffee mugs are now a status symbol of taste and one’s ability to add to cart before others.

The one “catch” with the seconds sale is the delivery time: due to shipping and logistical issues, East Fork isn’t able to commit to a hard delivery period. “These pots might take a long time to get to you. Maybe 2 weeks, maybe 2 months. In this constantly changing landscape, it is highly likely that our fulfillment team will have to close up shop and go home for a bit,” the site reads. Pick out what you’re interested in before the sale launches and set an alarm for 7 p.m. Otherwise, you’re coming up empty.

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