The New Nike ZoomX Streakfly Is Designed Specifically for 5ks and 10ks

If you've got road racing and training goals, lace these up.

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Ever since carbon fiber was inserted into running shoes, the obsession with the material has yet to abate. If you're a competitive runner, carbon fiber has been the way to go. With its newest training and racing shoe, Nike is thinking a bit differently about the material — and about runners themselves.

The new ZoomX Streakfly is designed specifically with 5k and 10k distances in mind. Taking athlete feedback into account, the brand identified a gap in its racing line between what it offered for the full and half marathon and what it offered for competition on the track. The ZoomX Streakfly fills that gap. Here's what you need to know about this innovative new shoe.

tech roundup

Cutting Carbon

By opting to insert just a midfoot plate, as opposed to a full-length strip of carbon fiber, Nike was able to stuff more lightweight ZoomX foam into the shoe, resulting in a springy, aggressive ride. "Compared to our other road racing models, the lower stack height of the Streakfly provides more connection to the ground," adds Nike Running Footwear Product Manager Elliott Heath. The shoe is super-light too, just 6.5 ounces.

Up, Up and Away

The upper is a minimal engineered mesh — it's more structured in the forefoot, where athletes require more containment and control, and more open in the midfoot and beyond, where breathability and lighter weight are more of a concern.

tech roundup

Further Details

The contoured heel pod in the back of the ZoomX Streakfly allows for cushioning where you need it, and support where you don't.

The generative traction design on the outsole was developed with data taken from studying a variety of foot strikes, resulting in a pattern that allows for optimal control and responsiveness, no matter how your foot hits the ground.

Priced at $160, the new Nike ZoomX Streakfly will be available for purchase next month. If you're ready to run now, you may want to explore alternatives to train with until the ZoomX Streakfly enters the chat. Here are a few options we think you'll love...

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