Peloton's Long-Awaited Rower Is Finally Here...Sort Of. Here's What to Know

The at-home fitness brand just launched Peloton Row and is now accepting pre-orders for the hotly-anticipated home fitness equipment.

peloton rower

After months (and months) of teases, rumors and speculation, Peloton has finally announced those four words many home gym enthusiasts have long waited for:

Peloton Row has arrived.

Well, sort of. The all-new home rowing machine is available for pre-order, with an estimated shipping date of early December. Still, this is the update we've been clamoring for since we first laid eyes on the Row at the brand's 2022 Homecoming virtual event in May.

"I'm proud of the work we've done to enter the rowing category," says Peloton co-founder and Chief Product Officer Tom Cortese. "Peloton Row will introduce more people to this incredibly efficient and effective discipline and keep them motivated no matter where they are on their fitness journey."

Here's everything you need to know about this all-new device that's finally ready to set sail.

The Row's sleek, stylish silhouette is right on-par with other Peloton offerings.

If there's one thing that can be said about Peloton, its that the brand knows how to make a good-looking piece of equipment. That notion is definitely not lost in the Row, with a slender 8' x 2' footprint and 24-inch swiveling HD screen. The electronically-controlled flywheel at the front of the machine is also slimmed down, providing frictionless performance and near-silent training.

Speaking of in-workout perks, the Row also boasts an ergonomic seat and comfortable, textured rubber handle. The center cutout also allows for one-handed rowing, so you can stay on target as you reach for your phone or quench your thirst mid-session. Peloton also thought of those off-rower exercises, too, adding single-handed adjustable hook-and-loop foot straps that can be quickly loosened or tightened as you transition from modality to modality.

The Peloton Row also allows for vertical storage once your rowing is complete. An Upright Wall Anchor can help keep everything in-place when you're not pacing toward a new watt output, but Peloton recommends taking advantage of the professional installation for proper wall anchor placement.

peloton rower

Peloton Row has the digital tools to ensure your rowing is rock solid.

Across its 24-inch HD screen, the Row delivers plenty of stats and metrics like output, distance and stroke length to help you monitor your performance, but the all-new equipment also features Form Assist to provide realtime feedback on your actual rowing form. Sensors detect your body positioning in each stroke and will recommend personalized adjustments to help you get the most out of your workout. When your form is off or misaligned, you'll see a mockup of your body on-screen, with areas highlighted to let you know what can be adjusted.

This form-focused technology doubles down once you complete a class or workout, providing a personalized breakdown after every session. You can see your performance and success rate across the different movements within a row, and learn where you can improve for more effective, enjoyable training in the future.

peloton rower

It wouldn't be Peloton without an impressive library of instructor-led courses.

Did you think the Row wouldn't be a vessel for on-demand class training? True to the brand, the Peloton Row allows you to take part in plenty of motivating and energetic classes led by expert instructors. Sessions such as Instructed Row and Row Bootcamp can be unlocked through Peloton's All-Access membership for $44/month — a separate cost from the Row itself.

To personalize these instructor-led sessions even further, the Peloton Row also allows you to customize your pace target by contextualizing instructor cues. These notes can help you better gauge just how much intensity is needed in every interval, so you're more easily able to stay on track throughout the entirety of the session.

How to pre-order the all-new Peloton Row

Starting today, Peloton is taking pre-orders for this all-new home fitness machine, with prices starting at $3,195 for the Row itself. The brand is also offering bundles that include a row mat, water bottle, dumbbells, heart rate band and more accessories, ranging in costs between $3,270–$3,570. This latest rower is definitely on the expensive side, roughly $700 more than our top pick Hydrow rower, but for those already invested in the Peloton brand, it could be worth the heftier price tag. Plus, we've been waiting so long for this machine to hit the market, so you've probably had some time to save up.

Peloton Row

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