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Need a New Yoga Mat? Just Get This

A grippy, comfy yoga mat that can handle both relaxed and intense sessions — plus working out — is a hard thing to come by. Until now.

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Skip the heavy lifting and go straight to what’s best. Just Get This is our no-nonsense guide to the gear you need, now.

A good yoga mat should contribute two things to your practice: padding and grip. Too little of either and your mind will drift away from your breath and body toward… the floor. But how thick is thick enough? And what type of rubber is stickiest?

Skip the research and get Manduka's new GRP Adapt yoga mat. It's not the cheapest, but it can comfortably tackle any type of yoga practice, from restorative to hot. Here's why.

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It can handle sweat.

The unique construction of the GRP Adapt includes an extra-porous open-cell top layer that allows moisture to pass through it for absorption by an interior foam layer. That means that its high-quality grip won't give, even as the poses get tougher.

It's fit for any practice (or workout).

The GRP Adapt's high absorption properties also make it versatile. Use it for hot yoga — no need to spend another $20 to $50 on a towel — or for a 10-minute at-home YouTube session. It's plenty comfy on elbows, knees and ankles at five millimeters thick, and it packs enough bounce to handle a HIIT workout or kettlebell routine too.

It's thoughtfully made.

Manduka produces all of its mats without using toxic chemicals, dyes or phthalates, a family of chemicals commonly used to make plastics soft and flexible. It does that in Spain, in a factory that maintains sustainable practices. Additionally, Manduka makes its mats to last years, so consider this one purchase you won't have to make again anytime soon.

GRP Adapt Yoga Mat 5mm
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