5 Whiskey Cocktails That Will Never Let You Down

Trends in cocktail culture come and go.


Much like with fashion, or tech, trends in cocktail culture come and go. But some drinks never change. From the Old Fashioned to the mint julep, here are the five whiskey cocktails every guy should have in their back pocket — for now and forever.

The Old Fashioned

Originating in the early 1800s, two centuries of experimentation have bred variations of this drink that include anything, from burnt sugar to agave spirits. This version comes as close to the original as you’ll find.

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The Manhattan

In the canon of classic whiskey cocktails, no drink is more poised than the Manhattan, which, like the Old Fashioned, is easy to make, but easier to mess up.

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The Whiskey Sour

In contrast to the sour-mix concoctions of yesteryear, a worthwhile Whiskey Sour draws on the egg white for a rich texture (without adding much taste) and bitters — which aren’t necessarily traditional — that echo and complement the notes of the whiskey.

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The Sazerac

While early recipes for the Sazerac — supposedly America’s first cocktail — called for Cognac, absinthe, Peychaud’s Bitters and sugar, today’s iterations favor American-made parts. Try your hand at this recipe from the famed Sazerac Bar in New Orleans.

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The Mint Julep

Made with ceremony and ritual, the mint julep evokes horses, aristocrats and all things Kentucky. It’s important to remember, however: the drink should only smell like mint, not taste like it.

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