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5 Style Collections that Hit the Mark in 2016

The year’s best collections from a range of respectable brands.

Best Made

The past year was fertile for many brands in the world of style, with a wide variety of notable collections in both garments and accessories. From new brands finding their feet to heritage brands remaining creative, there was no shortage of memorable moments. Some of our favorite collections of the year, though, consisted of pieces that can be worn and used daily, and with extended use, will only look better. Call us old fashioned.

Filson Weatherproof Suede Collection

Sturdy, robust, durable, timeless — all words commonly associated with Filson’s clothing and goods. To reinforce those perceptions, the brand released a solid accessory collection utilizing weatherproof suede with a backpack, tote and wallet, among others.

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Best Made’s First Full Clothing Collection

Best Made’s penchant for rugged adventures translated well into their first full clothing collection. The brand has fully embraced the lifestyle niche, and the resulting shirts, jackets and pants are worth checking out.

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Red Wing Heritage Weekender Collection

Red Wing Heritage expanded their footwear range to include lightweight offerings, dubbed the Weekender Collection. Think of them as upscaled Clarks, or think of them as accommodating Red Wings — either way, they’re a great addition to any wardrobe.

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Ariat Two24 Boots

Ariat’s Two24 collection takes the brand out of its classic workwear environment with refined silhouettes and beautiful leathers fit for the city. What’s more, they don’t sacrifice comfort for style, and are perfect for long days on your feet.

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John Sterner Knitwear

The founder of Swedish raincoat brand Stutterheim has immersed himself in the world of slow knitwear, and the resulting brand, John Sterner, is a hit. Focusing on supply-chain transparency and hand-knit designs, the brand offers sweaters starting at $800.

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