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An Absolutely Perfect Cast-Iron Pot and 6 More Home and Design Releases

Cast-iron cookware that looks good enough to mount on the wall.


Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: a beanie that supports restaurants in need, coffees you didn't know you wanted and more.

Field Company Field Cast-Iron Dutch Oven

We already crowned Field Company's's cast-iron skillets as our Just Get This pick for the category. Now it looks like it's trying to win the Dutch oven game. The 4.5-quart Dutch oven clocks in at a lightweight six-and-a-half pounds, which is half the weight of a Le Creuset Dutch oven of the same size. But unlike Le Creuset, Field Company's offering isn't enameled. Basically use it for everything you'd cook in a cast-iron skillet, but take advantage of the fact that it's basically a pot. And the self-basting oven gives Staub vibes, so it's like the best of two legendary Dutch oven brands.

Price: $295


Shacksbury Momofuku Lo-Ball

If Momofuku is involved, I'm buying. The David Chang hospitality empire worked with Vermont's Shacksbury cidery on a drink I need to have a caseload of. It's flavored with yuzu and passionfruit, two fruits that are seemingly everywhere nowadays, but rarely done any justice. I trust Shacksbury to highlight the fruits that go beyond basic citrus, sweet and sour flavors. And apparently its customers agree — Shacksbury's set of a 12-pack of Momofuku Lo-Balls and a jar of Momofuku Chili Crunch sold out in under 24 hours.

Price: $50


Bluestone Lane x Yeti Wildly Stronger Coffee

We cover Yeti regularly for making some of the best travel mugs, containers and bottles on the market. And when we actually worked in an office, Bluestone Lane was just a stone's throw away for an always delicious cup of coffee. So when the two brands came together to make a coffee, our ears perked up. Wildly Stronger coffee is a blend of Ethiopian and Colombian coffees, which should be borrowing some of the fruity acidity from the former and the smooth, cozy flavors of the latter. I'm not near a Bluestone Lane right now, and I really have no reason to use a Yeti Rambler at the moment, so Wildly Stronger will hold me over on both accounts.

Price: $42 for 3 12-ounce bags


Garrett Leight x Alfred Coffee Winter Break

What's up with non-coffee brands making coffee? But when a brand like Garrett Leight, which makes excellent eyewear, works with a coffee brand like Los Angeles-based Alfred Coffee, I get excited about the possibilities. Both brands scream California cool, and it makes sense for them to make a blend called Winter Break (because they're cool). According to its product description, Winter Break combines South American and Ethiopian coffees for tasting notes of black tea, marzipan and caramel, a comforting flavor profile for a chilly winter.

Price: $19


PSNY X Crown Shy

The restaurant industry is suffering because of the pandemic, and sadly it's up to restaurants to fend for themselves. The Michelin-starred restaurant Crown Shy, based in New York City, worked with fashion brand Public School on some cashmere-blend beanies, with profits going towards Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants, an organization that supports New York restaurants as they struggle with the challenges that arise from operating during a pandemic. The beanies, available in three colors, are made in a windmill-powered, Fair Trade Certified facility, so it's not just another beanie, but one that's supporting restaurants and not killing the planet in the process. And while the beanies are sure to be warm, you won't need to wear it if you dine at Crown Shy in the near future. The restaurant is currently participating in American Express and Resy's new dining experience in which diners eat in heated outdoor yurts.

Price: $150


Material Coated Pan

Non-stick pans are, luckily, getting a redesign. That means no Teflon, no PFOAs, no lead and, well, no bad stuff. Material is one brand making just that. Its coated pan is 10.5 inches of superior non-stick abilities, and bonus points for looking damn good, too. Arguably the best part of the pan is its copper core, which heats quickly and evenly, and it retains that heat for longer. And unlike most other non-stick pans, it can withstand a crazy 500-degree heat, so you can start on the stove and finish in the oven. This pan comes in and out of stock frequently, so grab the the Coated Pan in the new dune colorway before you're forced to get on the restock waitlist.

Price: $95


Patagonia Provisions Honey Sesame Breadfruit Crackers

Very few people know about breadfruit. Its name comes from the fact that, when cooked, it smells like freshly baked bread. It's starch-like and gluten free, and it just so happens to combat climate change. Patagonia is bringing this magical fruit to the US in the first widely available breadfruit product, Honey Sesame Breadfruit Crackers. They're sweet and savory, and as the brand notes, pairs well with cheese and smoked fish. So this isn't your average Ritz cracker or Wheat thing. These breadfruit crackers are quite possibly the snack of the future.

Price: $7


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