35 Degrees Premium Aged Steaks

It's what's for dinner.


We love a great steakhouse but shelling out coin for a healthy dose of pomp and circumstance isn’t always our preference. The problem is, access to exceptional meat isn’t always readily available or convenient. Luckily there’s a secret on this fantastic thing we call the web that bestows its buyers access to premium butcher cuts sourced from some of America’s best farms that are normally reserved for top-tier steakhouses. It’s not some secret password protected website hidden deep within the bowels of a forum either. It’s simply called 35 Degrees.

Purveying premium aged steaks and other prime meats, 35 Degrees offers pre-selected assortments with names like “Queen and King”, “The Farm” and “Manly Man”, or our recommendation, a ten to twelve pound box where you can select any cut ranging from a 12 oz Korabuta Pork Rib Chop to a 120 oz New York Roast. Fill up all 176 oz, swipe the card and boom, a bounty of protein arrives at your door the next day — meat magic, we say. All the mainstays like Porterhouse, Filet Mignon and racks of lamb are in full attendance along with half-pack assortments for smaller appetites (not you, we hope). The 35 Degrees website makes the ordering process a delight and your protein is always shipped fresh, vacuum packed in packaging that will have you about as excited as you’d be unboxing Apple’s latest gadget. Looks like you really can have your Porterhouse and eat it, too.

Buy Now: $200+

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