This Fishy $50 Bourbon Will Be Prized by Whiskey Collectors

A website called Sip Whiskey listed a new and enticing bottle of 1792’s award-winning Full Proof bottling, but there’s something amiss.


First reported by Whiskey Wash, a San Diego-based online whiskey retailer called Sip Whiskey listed a new bottling of 1792’s award-winning Full Proof bourbon — Full Proof Single Barrel Select “The Collapsed Barrel” — touting a connection to the distillery’s warehouse collapse last summer. Problem is, the juice inside doesn’t seem to have aged in the collapsed facility at all.

The sticker on the bottle, which Sip Whiskey “hand picked” from a lot of surviving barrels, says it was aged in Warehouse #29 of Barton’s collection of 30 aging houses. But according to reports of the 2018 incident, the warehouse that went down was #30 — meaning Sip Whiskey’s listing, which sold out last week, didn’t come from the downed warehouse, but instead came from the warehouse adjacent to it.

Despite the misleading labeling, there’s a good chance it will sell like hotcakes on the secondary market. After a tornado tore through a pair of Buffalo Trace Distillery’s rickhouses in 2006, the brand released a limited run of bottles under its E.H. Taylor line called Warehouse C Tornado Surviving Bourbon. Today, if you were to find it, it could cost you over $3,000. Time will tell.

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