Proof Whisky, a Social Tasting Game

Proof yourself worthy

Zeus Jones

Think you know a thing or two about malted barley mash, pot-distilled in Scotland? Well, the Proof Whiskey Tasting Game is the perfect social arena for strutting your palette skills against other Single Malt connoisseurs (or newbies). Accessing the free game simply involves pointing a web browser to the Proof Web App. While it’s been optimized for use on the iPad, since it’s built off of modern HTML 5 standards, it also works on other tablets and internet connected devices.

Setup involves inputting player names and the particular whiskies you’ve got on hand. Each spirit is then discretely poured into serving glasses — which are matched with printable tasting mats that will later be used to identify exactly what’s what. Next, players are asked to try and rate each spirit. The app includes an interactive flavor wheel to help aid players with their ratings and taste analysis, that breaks down the description process into 8 categories including rich, complex, smooth, smokey, hair on your chest, fruity, winey, and finish. Users can adjust the area on each wheel to create a visual flavor representation of each spirit. Once all players have had their shot at guessing and describing each drink, the taster with the most correct picks wins.

Ron Burgundy better bring his A game.

Editor’s Note: The design firm Zeus Jones who created Proof originally offered free promotional tasting kits shown above. Those are now sadly long gone so Proof is strictly a BYOW affair.

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