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Looking to Gift Chocolate for Valentine's Day? Start Here

There's a reason chocolate is an iconic Valentine's Day gift: everyone likes it. Here are some of our favorite options to buy for Valentine's Day.

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Few things are as inextricably linked as Valentine's Day and chocolate. The ever-traditional heart-shaped box full of chocolates has been an easy (albeit low-hanging-fruit) win because, well, who doesn't like chocolate? They taste great and everyone loves an excuse to indulge in that chocolatey sweetness.

Unless you're dating a big Willy Wonka fan, you may not want chocolates to be the biggest gift you give on Valentine's Day. With that said, a box of chocolates (and maybe some flowers) is always a welcome sight. We decided to take the guesswork out of it and do a deep dive to find some of the best Valentine's Day chocolates you can order online this year. Whether you're on your first date or are headed into your fiftieth year of marriage, picking up some chocolates this Valentine's Day is the right choice.

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Classic Red Heart - Milk Chocolates

If you want to give them something iconic, look no further than the heart of milk chocolates from See's Candies.

Chocolate B'Day Truffle Dozen Box

Sure these are based on Milk Bar's B'Day cake (which is delicious), but that doesn't mean their B'Day Truffle Box isn't suited perfectly for your Valentine.

Parisian Dark Chocolate Pearls

If they like to indulge in small quantities, get them this tin of dark chocolate pearls. Easy to eat one at a time, it is a gift that gives all year long.

Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate Chefs Selection - 48 Piece

When it comes to getting the creme-de-la-creme shipped nationwide, Goldbelly should be the first stop. This chocolate box from Kreuther is top-tier — anyone would be happy to see this gifted to them.

Godiva Chocolate Celebration Gift Basket

You've probably heard of Godiva. The chocolate connoisseurs know what they're doing, so it's safe to say you can trust them with your Valentine's Day gifting.

Happy Valentine’s Day 19-piece Chocolate Box

Keep things simple. There's nothing wrong with that. Show your love with this truffle collection from Simply Chocolate.

Truffles and Wine Gift

You've heard of wine and cheese, but wine and chocolate? The masters of edible gifting at Harry & David always get things right.

Milk Bar Chocolatey Classic Cake

Sure it's a bit more than just a box of chocolates, but this iconic cake from Milk Bar will delight any lover of chocolate — it's stacked three layers high with plenty of frosting to boot.

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Flowers will always be a quintessential Valentine's Day gift. Here are the best places to buy them online.


Valentine's Day Berry Bouquet

Chocolate-covered fruit, especially strawberries, is always a solid play when it comes to gifting for Valentine's. It's a treat, but it's also healthy? Maybe not, but you get it.

M&M’S Occasion Bottle in Valentine’s Gift Tube

Any significant other would get giddy at the idea of M&M's. You may think of them as a gift for children, but c'mon, who doesn't want a champagne bottle full of M&M's?

Belgian Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Oreos
The Chocolate Covered Co.

When it comes to chocolate cookies, you just can't look past Oreos. And while Oreos are good, chocolate-covered Oreos are even better.

Tony's Chocolonely Bundle

Tony's Chcolonely is one of the best bars of chocolate you can buy, so pick up a sampler pack and get them a little taste of everything.

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