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U.S. Patrol Siren Padlock Alarm

Sound Off


Padlocks are a great way to keep things secure. The world’s supply of bolt cutters isn’t exactly dwindling though, so there’s always a risk that your bike, tool box, or other toys can get snagged when you aren’t around. The U.S. Patrol Siren Padlock Alarm ($13) adds another layer of protection by emitting a 110db alarm for 10 seconds (for reference snow mobiles and motorcycles usually create 100db of noise) whenever the lock is disturbed. Not only will it shock the hell out of any would be thief, but it should also alert you to what’s going down and perhaps buy you time to grab that Louisville Slugger on your way our the door. If you do need to keep things locked while moving it, the padlock can be switched off to deactivate the motion activated alarm. It’s a great idea all around — despite the fact they copied half of our name.

Buy Now: $13

Ben Bowers is the chief content officer and co-founder of Gear Patrol.
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