Sleep is essential, but some people aren't investing in all the things that go into getting a good night's rest. Your dingy old mattress and flat-as-a-pancake pillow are definitely not doing you any favors while you get your beauty rest.

On average, people spend about 26 years of their life in bed , according to Sleep Matters Club. If that's not good enough reason to make sure all 227,760 hours of your time in bed is as best as it can be, then we can't really help you. But if you're realizing your sleep could use an upgrade, we have recommendations for everything you need to make sure every night's sleep is the best it can be. From the best pillows to rest your weary head to the most luxe sheets you'll want to wrap yourself in, these are the best bedroom essentials for every person at every budget.

The Mattress

Mattresses, the bedrock that makes up a good night's sleep. Whether you like 'em firm or not-so-firm, we found the mattresses that would make Goldilocks happy on the first try.

The Sheets

Shitty sheets lead to shitty sleep. Just keep that mantra in mind when you lie down tonight. Good sheets should get better with wear, and should feel like you're being wrapped up in your favorite shirt. Bed sheets come in a variety of fabrics, and we found the best in each category and at every budget.

The Pillows

A good night's sleep can be ruined by a bad pillow. Whether you prefer a pillow that's firm or soft, your head should be getting the support it needs. Luckily we found nine that do just that.

The Comforter

Some people just can't sleep without being under the covers. And that applies even when it's hot as hell out. Get a comforter than can pull double duty: it's warm when you need it to be, but also cooling to prevent you from overheating. While comforters can be used on their own, make sure to get a duvet cover to keep it in pristine shape for as long as possible.

The Air Purifier

You could probably benefit from an air purifier at night. While you might not feel it while you sleep, waking up with allergens and dust in your system results in a really crappy morning. A good air purifier will keep your air clean while you sleep without disturbing you with a noisy fan or bright lights. Luckily, we found a few air purifiers that meet those expectations.

Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.