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The Best Cooling Comforters for Hot Sleepers

For those who need to be under the covers, even when it's hot as hell.

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Hot sleepers have a hard time sleeping comfortably already. Throw in high temperatures and unbearable humidity, and sleeping in the summer is more of a nightmare than an actual nightmare. If you're someone who needs to be covered to fall asleep, these comforters offer all the coziness of a duvet, minus the night sweats.

      What to Look For in a Cooling Comforter


      Most comforters will have an outer shell made of something like cotton or polyester. When discussing cooling comforter materials, discussions usually come down to fill. Here are some common comforter fill materials, and how they affect your sleep.

      Down: Down offers that plush and comforting feel that a lot of people love, but its ability to insulate heat makes it a so-so material for a cooling comforter.

      Wool: Wool might seem counterintuitive for staying cool, but merino wool has the natural ability to wick away moisture

      Cotton: Cotton comes in a wide variety of styles so it's hard to say that cotton overall is a good or bad option for fill. Generally, cotton is affordable and it definitely won't be too insulating, so it's a good middle-of-the-road option for those who don't sleep too hot at night

      Down alternative: Some people don't like down because it can be expensive, and it's also an allergen. Typically polyester, down alternative can be configured to be more cooling, and it's why a lot of the options here have down alternative fill.

      Duvet vs. Comforter

      A duvet and a comforter are interchangeable terms. You'll hear duvet more often when used in association with a duvet cover — you put the duvet into the duvet cover, which extends the longevity of the duvet. If you've come this far, here's the short answer: Duvets and comforters are basically both blankets.

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      Best Overall Cooling Comforter
      SlumberCloud Lightweight Comforter
      Best Upgrade Cooling Comforter
      Buffy Breeze Comforter
      Best Budget Cooling Comforter
      COHOME Queen 2100 Series Cooling Comforter
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      Best Down Alternative Cooling Comforter
      Alwyn Home Lightweight Polyester Down Alternative Comforter
      Best Lightweight Cooling Comforter
      Purple Duvet
      Best Moisture-Wicking Cooling Comforter
      Pottery Barn Hydrocool Moisture Wicking Down Alternative Duvet Insert
      Pottery Barn
      Best Down Cooling Comforter
      Brooklinen Down Comforter
      Best Cozy Cooling Comforter
      Casper Humidity Fighting Duvet
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      Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.
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