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The Best Cooling Comforters for Hot Sleepers You Can Buy in 2022

For those who need to be under the covers, even when it's hot as hell.

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Hot sleepers have a hard time sleeping comfortably already. Throw in high temperatures and unbearable humidity, and sleeping in the summer is more of a nightmare than an actual nightmare. If you're a someone who needs to be covered to fall asleep, these comforters offer all the coziness of a duvet, minus the night sweats.

    The Best Cooling Comforters for Hot Sleepers of 2022

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    Best Overall Cooling Comforter
    SlumberCloud Lightweight Comforter

    While this is a lightweight comforter, it's good enough for year-round use. The SlumberCloud Lightweight Comforter uses NASA-backed technology to prevent overheating when you're under the covers. The comforter is filled with ClimaDry by Outlast fiberfill, which regulates heat and moisture. Basically, once your body starts to warm up, the comforter will absorb the heat and push it outward. Combine its cooling capabilities with the fact that it's machine washable and certified by Oeko-Tex to be free of harmful substances, and you have an excellent overall comforter.

    Best Splurge Cooling Comforter
    Buffy Breeze Comforter

    Buffy is known for making bedding for hot sleepers. Look no further than its eucalyptus sheets or flagship Cloud Comforter. For those who get really hot when they sleep, the Breeze comforter will provide a cooling effect — at a price. Breeze is made entirely of Tencel, which helps to suck up body moisture, while keeping cool to the touch. The comforter itself remains thin so you don't feel weighed down by it, but its thinness might mean you'll need to layer up at night when it's cold out.

    Best Budget Cooling Comforter
    COHOME Queen 2100 Series Cooling Comforter
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    On Amazon, this comforter has over 9,000 five-star reviews, with most people praising its price and comfort, plus giving it extra points for helping them stay cool when they sleep. The comforter doesn't have any special cooling abilities other than being made of a breathable brushed fabric. And for hygiene purposes, the comforter is fully machine washable.

    Best Down Alternative Cooling Comforter
    Alwyn Home Lightweight Polyester Down Alternative Comforter

    Everything you need to know about this comforter seems to be in its name: It's lightweight, and it has polyester fill. The outer cover is made of microfiber, which makes this good to throw in the washer and the dryer. Plus, it's Oeko-Tex certified as an added bonus.

    Best Lightweight Cooling Comforter
    Purple Duvet

    Purple is known for its grid construction, which helps hot sleepers sleep cooler on its mattresses and pillows. Its duvet doesn't have that grid (probably because the grid itself is crazy heavy). Its comforter is a down-alternative option for those with bad allergies, and it's fitted with a smooth, luxurious cotton. Because of how light it is, you can keep it on during the warmer months without worrying about being wrapped up like a mummy.

    Best Moisture-Wicking Cooling Comforter
    Pottery Barn Hydrocool Moisture Wicking Down Alternative Duvet Insert Ultra Plush Full/Queen
    Pottery Barn

    Pottery Barn's Hydrocool duvet is filled with its namesake down alternative, Hydrocool, which wicks away moisture so you don't wake up in a puddle of your own sweat. There's an ultra-plush option for cooler climates, but if you're worried about getting too hot in your sleep, opt for the midweight option.

    Best Down Cooling Comforter
    Brooklinen Down Comforter

    The internet's favorite bedding company, Brooklinen, offers its down comforter in three weights, but its lightweight option is where it's at for the hot sleepers. Housed in a sateen cotton shell, the down clusters and feather offer softness and comfort without overheating you. The comforter trends towards the pricier side, but the down is sourced sustainably, the materials are high quality and you get 365 days to determine whether or not it's for you — so you could say it justify its own price.

    Best Cozy Cooling Comforter
    Casper Humidity Fighting Duvet

    We'll state the obvious first: This is an expensive comforter. However, we think it justifies its price. First, the real down is ethically sourced, and it offers the plushness of a heavy comforter without the actual weight. The sewn-in chambers of the comforter keep the fill in place, with Casper comparing it to your favorite down jacket. The entire comforter is finished off with a layer of merino wool, which is known to naturally wick away moisture while being a good insulator, so it's a good year-round comforter.

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