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You Might Soon Find Yourself Brushing Your Teeth With a Dyson

According to a recent patent filing, the vacuum manufacturer might be tackling oral hygiene next.


If there's one brand that we love that's all about keeping your home clean, it's Dyson. From its legendary vacuums to its crazy-expensive air purifiers, the brand has been known to keep things clean. Now, however, it appears Dyson is working on finding a way to help people improve their oral cleanliness as well.

As first reported by Gizmodo, Dyson filed a patent on April 22, 2021 for a "dental cleaning appliance [that] includes a handle, a fluid reservoir for storing a working fluid, and a fluid delivery system for receiving working fluid from the reservoir, and for delivering working fluid to the oral cavity of a user." In other words, it's an electric toothbrush with a built-in water flosser, à la Waterpik.

Based on the patent, the design of the toothbrush looks fairly interesting to say the least. The patent depicts the toothbrush as a microphone with a brush head attached on the top. The ball-looking part, called the "fluid reservoir," is where the water is stored — and it's not entirely dissimilar to the look of Dyson's Ball vacuums, albeit upside down. The ball detaches — thanks to magnets — which lets users refill the reservoir. The patent doesn't give specifics to the toothbrush's settings besides how it utilizes the built-in flosser.

Dyson’s patent shows that its potential toothbrush will use magnets to let users refill the water reservoir for the built-in water flosser.

As described in the patent, the user can manually deploy the water flosser by pressing a button. In auto mode, "a control circuit actuates the delivery of working fluid to the nozzle automatically depending on a signal received from a sensor for detecting movement of the nozzle relative to the handle." Basically, the toothbrush will floss as you brush.

Dyson's toothbrush is not the first of its kind. That designation goes to Waterpik's Sonic-Fusion, which came out in 2018. Waterpik is synonymous with its water flossers, and its toothbrush with built-in water flosser was seen as a game changer in dental care. One of the noticeable differences between the Sonic-Fusion and the Dyson toothbrush is that Waterpik's model is attached bulky water reservoir.

There's no word on how much the Dyson toothbrush will cost (it is just speculation and a patent filing so far) but since the Sonic-Fusion costs $149, and Dyson products are not known to be cheap, we're expecting Dyson's toothbrush to be at least $200. In the meantime, we'll keep an eye out for any updates on the toothbrush.

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