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All the Coolest Weed Gear That Came Out in 2021

All the weed-adjacent releases that sparked our interest this past year.

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This story is part of our end-of-year series This Year in Gear, rounding up the most notable releases of 2021.

Every year we get closer and closer to being a nation that decriminalizes weed. In 2021, we still aren't there yet, but hey, we still have a lot of weed-related releases. Whether you smoke it, vape it, ingest it or whatever with it, weed is here to stay. Here are the best weed-related products to come out in the past year.

Dad Grass Classic Formula CBD Tincture

dad grass classic formula cbd tincture
Dad Grass

Not into smoking Dad Grass' CBD joints? The brand just released a CBD tincture to make getting your CBD doses easier on your body (and your lungs). Each bottle contains 1,200 milligrams of supposed mood-busting, anxiety-relieving CBD made from 100-percent organic hemp flower grown in the United States. One dropper is one serving, so each bottle contains 30 servings, good for about one use daily.

Price: $65


Bento Bong Parts

bento bong parts

We crowned the Bento Bong as our Smart Spend pick for bongs, and it just launched its Parts page. Shoppers can buy the parts that make up the Bento Bong, and they can use the page to upgrade their existing bongs, like if they want to make their Single a Double or turn their Double into a Triple.

Price: $3+


Flower by Edie Parker Fruit Pipes

fruit bongs
Audrey Melton
woman smoking from fruit bong
Audrey Melton

Flower by Edie Parker is a smoking accessory with some pretty quirky products. How quirky? Just look at it new fruit pipes — four glass smoking pipes designed to look like fruit, specifically an orange, banana, cherry and grape. Laid out on the table they look like nothing more than home decor, but when the time strikes to take a hit, they'll be there for you.

Price: $95+


Higher Standards X The Last Prisoner Project

higher standards x the last prisoner project
Higher Standards
higher standards x the last prisoner project
Higher Standards

Higher Standards makes some of our favorite bongs, weed grinders and other weed-adjacent products, but it's collaborations like this, with The Last Prisoners Project, that makes them one of our favorite brands overall. In partnership with the non-profit that fights criminal injustice and advocates for drug law reform, Higher Standards has released two co-branded items: a Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe and a branded black tee, with all profits from the collection will go to The Last Prisoners Project.

Price: $25+


Sackville & Co. Crystal Ball Pipes

vibrant crystal ball pipe
Sackville & Co.

Sackville & Co. isn't like your typical cannabis accessories brand. For one, it doesn't sell a bunch of Marley-inspired gear. Second, it's a female-founded brand and well-designed products are its cup of tea. The new Crystal Ball Pipe is meant to double as home decor, so you don't need to hide it away when you have guests over — parents will probably dismiss it as abstract art. It features an orb smoking vessel and a glass base, available in four colors: pink, black, blue and amber.

Price: $112


Yew Yew Sunset Bong

yew yew sunset bong
Yew Yew

Yew Yew, a "modern smoking accessory brand," thinks Lana Del Rey could do better than smoke from a tacky weed leaf-adorned bong. A better alternative? The brand's new Sunset Bong, a bong that hits as good as it looks. Made of borosilicate glass, the Sunset Bong isn't something you'd be ashamed of keeping out in the open, and yes, it's way better than smoking from some gaudy bong that's best reserved for un-cool college kids. Sadly it's sold out now, but the brand says to expect a restock in a month.

Price: $140


Amass Afterdream

amass afterdream

Amass just released its newest beverage product, and it marks the brand's first entry in the cannabis department. Afterdream is a non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused spirit that combines 14 California botanicals — like sumac and lemon peel — with cannabis-derived terpenes to create a beverage good enough to drink on its own or in a booze-free cocktail. Afterdream contains 3.5 milligrams of THC, 3.5 milligrams CBD and 3.5 milligrams Delta-8 per serving, and contains zero added sugar and zero calories. Afterdream will be sold at Sweet Flower, which has four SoCal locations and an online store.

Price: $70


Houseplant Pebble Match Strike

houseplant pebble match strike

Seth Rogen and Houseplant really can't lose. At first glance, the Pebble Match Strike looks like some random home decor, when it actuality it's a match strike, a match holder and an ashtray. Crafted from cast iron, the Pebble Match Strike will patina with use so that every strike you take— whether it's to light a candle or spark up — will be unique to you.

Price: $125


Vessel Eclipse Kit

vessel eclipse kit

Spark up your favorite dry herbs with Vessel's Eclipse Kit, which the brand claims is "tailormade for the dry herb purist." The kit includes Vessel's Air, a minimalist chillum that resembles a pre-roll, handcrafted with a sandblasted, smoked glass finish; the Basin, an aluminum waterproof stash jar; Carbon, a very discreet butane lighter; and Drift, a travel pack to keep all your gear together.

Price: $99


Mom Grass

mom grass
Dad Grass

Dad Grass' CBD joints helped me alleviate my post-Election Day anxiety, and now the brand is ready to bring in Mom Grass. Mom Grass joints are made with CBG, an alternative to CBD, but still non-psychoactive so you won't end up being conked out. Studies on CBG, which stands for cannabigerol, are still in its early stages, but the supposed benefits — staving off inflammation, pain and nausea — may have you reaching for your lighter and ashtray.

Price: $35+


Storz and Bickel's Mighty+

storz and bickel mighty plus
Storz and Bickel

The Storz and Bickel Mighty is one of the best weed vapes money can buy (and you do need quite a bit of money to buy it). First released in 2014, the Mighty is a prized vape thanks to its top-quality vapor, and the Mighty+ is its beefed-up successor. It features a USB-C charging port, a 60-second heat-up time and a supercharge function, which gives the vape an 80 percent charge in 40 minutes. The upgraded vape also updates the previous iteration's aluminum filling chamber to ceramic, to better safeguard the flavor of the vapor and resist corrosion. Storz and Bickel also gave the Mighty+ a pair of tiny legs, which the brand is calling "fins," to helps users prop up the vape vertically to more easily load the chamber.

A huge plus for the Mighty+ is its certification by UL, a global safety certification company. The Mighty+ is the first dry herb vape to comply with UL8139, which means its components meet the safety standards of UL for electrical, heating, battery and charging systems. Storz and Bickel's commitment to the safety and effectiveness of its vapes is apparent — its Mighty and Volcano vaporizes are certified by TÜV, which classifies them as medical devices.

Price: $399



weed box

Stylish weed accessories are absolutely happening— just ask Seth Rogen. Cubbi is just the latest in a line of weed-adjacent products that want to make pot smoking feel less grungy and more grown up. Dubbing itself the "bento box of weed," Cubbi offers tokers a way to stash their stash discretely and stylishly. It also makes sure you never misplace your grinder, rolling papers, lighters and whatever else you need to light up. A built-in air-tight container keeps your weed fresh while preventing odors from seeping out of Cubbi. The lid doubles as a rolling tray, and all it seems to be missing as an ashtray. Cubbi is available for pre-order now and fittingly, it ships out on April 20.

Price: $59


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