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These Lamps Look Like a Cartoon Character, and 3 Other New Home Releases

Gantri nails it again with its new lamp made with Yowie.

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Every week, we lust over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: what is essentially a sword, Burrow's new sofa and more.

Gantri x Yowie Tiny Table Light

gantri x yowie tiny table light

When it comes to lamps, few brands are doing cooler things than Gantri and its 3D-printed, plant-based lamps. Part of the reason for Gantri' excellent designs is that the brand partners with outside brands that lend their unique ideas. Take the new Tiny Table Light, for example, courtesy of Yowie, a Philadelphia-based home goods store founded by Shannon Maldonado. Tiny has a distinct "cuteness" to it like if there were an octopus-type villain in a Super Mario Bros. game. "I love that our Tiny lamp looks like it could spring limbs and walk away," Maldonado told Gantri. "I was thinking about my early love of Disney a little when designing this." Available in three colors, Tiny is available now for wherever you could brighten up a space.

Price: $248


Taylor Stitch x Pendleton

taylor stitch x pendleton
Taylor Stitch
taylor stitch x pendleton
Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch announced a collaboration with Pendleton on two new products: The Ranger Shirt ($318) and The Golden State Blanket ($300). The two pieces are made of a combo of wool and cotton that's been sourced from Pendleton Woolen Mills. Get them while on presale to cop the items at a discounted price.


Burrow Field Sofa

burrow field sofa

Burrow practically popularized the sofa-in-a-box concept with its first sofa design, the Nomad. Since then, it's released a whole mess of home furnishings, and now it released its third sofa collection, the Field. With a slimmer profile than the original Nomad, with a look that also has some design elements of its second sofa collection, the Range, the Field sofas give shoppers another excellent couch option. And like the other sofas, Field can grow (or shrink) with you thanks to its modular design and ease of delivery.

Price: $1,095+


Made In Champagne Saber

made in champagne saber
Made In

Made In makes some really good kitchen knives. Its new Champagne saber might not be the most practical knife in the kitchen, but it could make a great gift for the person who seemingly has everything. The saber features a dull knife that makes cracking open a bottle of Champagne (or other sparkling wine) easy and entertaining. The sword-like blade may only be good for but popping bottles, but hey, it looks really cool.

Price: $199


Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.
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