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This Subtle Storage Gear Brand Wants to Save Your Apartment from Ruin

A regiment of storage bins, wire racks and valet trays are coming for your messy apartment.

Death to the junk drawer. Death to the stacks of dusty books under the bed. Death to the pile of chargers accumulating under the sofa. That’s the message broadcasted by Open Spaces, a new brand selling storage bins in various sizes, wire baskets, drawer dividers, shelf risers and other tidying up gear.

“Our goal is to give order to your spaces and things for a variety of needs—whether you’re looking to organize, decorate, reduce or showcase items that are most meaningful to you,” the company press release reads.

The brand says the products are designed to be long-lasting and seamlessly blend into your surroundings. They’re also made with no single-use plastics and, whenever possible, post-consumer, post-industrial and recyclable materials.

Following the launch of beginner cookware brand Equal Parts in fall 2019, Open Spaces is the second brand to appear under the Pattern Brands umbrella, a “family of brands designed to help you enjoy daily life.” Starting at $36, Open Spaces products are available now.

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Assistant Editor, Home and Design Will Price is Gear Patrol’s home and drinks editor.
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